If you believe in God, why do you think he created MJ ?

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  1. Was Poison Ivy made for a reason

    Or cactus. Or my weedy lawn?

    How should herb be used differently? In a bong? Or is a joint more religiously correct? Or perhaps it’s because some of the Evil Ones still use it on Sundays?

    Serious question question - where is Eden - exactly?


  2. I am no botanic mastermind, but as far as i know everything has a place in this ecosystem on earth.
    Everything works pretty well without human interference.

    Weed doesn't like the systematic mowing.

    If you take too much it ain't medicine anymore, you just lowered your iq for a couple of hours.:)
    If you buy your herb, it's sure that it can not be100% quality since it was grown to make profit.

    Under your feet. Earth is our home from birth till death, we can't live without her.
    And we are the main garden keepers. Or meant to be, nowadays like i said before humanity acts more like a bunch of crazy apes.
  3. You sure about that?

    I’m guessing the Earth would be a whole lot healthier if mankind was never even a thought...

  4. You assuming that no human being is capable to do things right?
    I hope you joking, since there is prove about that you are dead wrong.
  5. Who said “no human”? I’m sure there are plenty of humans that do right by the earth - I’m an organic gardener myself and do not use (need) fertilizers or pesticides.

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    But I also look around at the destruction mankind has caused and I’m sure that looking at the big picture? The earth would be much better off without man being here - collectively.

  6. We are on the same page. Mankind gone crazy but not on its own choice.

    It's not beyond repair yet.Hemp would help mankind out, i've heard.:)
    I speak to people and they want change but on the other side they so used to their cages that they won't leave it.

    I raise earthworms in the basement.
    Sadly i don't have an outside garden.
  7. Then at least come and visit our Organic Veggie Gardening thread -

    Organic Vegetable Gardening

  8. Lol, I love this. Why not?
  9. Possibly in Iran. Maybe under the gulf. Genisis says: "eastward in Eden". This may be east of Israel. Moses who wrote Genesis led Israel to the promised land, so its likely that the garden was east of Israel. Remember its a garden OF Eden (within Eden somewhere). Eden must have been a wide area since one of its 4 rivers watered the garden. The modern Euphrates and Tigris river was one of them. But I have suspicions that names may have been lost and reattributed or river beds may have changed because the four rivers don't really help me find Eden. But check common Iranian lore, Eden features in their culture. Also when Christ said: 'you will be with me in paradise' - that word 'paradise' is Persian (Iranian) and means something along the lines of 'tree'. From a more religious perspective, we know God 'hid' the garden, so pinpointing it is pointless really. But yeah.. best guess: Iran. Second guess: underwater or simply just 'hidden'.
  10. Isn’t Iran; Iraq, & Israel - and Egypt a desert - and has been for a VERY long time?

  11. How long is 'very'? 2000 years after 'Eden', 4000 years ago when Israel was spying out the land it was lush. Grape bunches so big it took two people to carry them. Milk and honey was the description. To me, the 'burning' bush tells me that Arabia was pretty dry down there at that same time. Moses was surprised that it wasn't burnt, a surprise more likely from a bush that appears dry as opposed to green. Google some of Iran's scenery. They are suffering such a drought right now that it may start a war, but even so, it has beautiful green areas. By the time Israel rocked up there in '47, yes it was mostly arad. Remember the Ottoman Turkish empire put a tax on people who had trees, so I'm guessing some of that desert is man-made. Maybe all of them are. Anway, Israel is a master of desert reversal and in water-related technologies so despite their drought conditions it's remarkably green now, something the Saudi's et.al. are waking up to. Water could possibly become an oil-rivaling commodity in that incredibly dry middle east. Or not. Just guessing that part.
  12. We don't know where Eden was, and we never will.
    The earth has been through catastrophic disaster since the beginning.
    The sky dumped it's water, and the ground opened and surrendered it's waters. The entire globe was covered in water. The the waters receded. The event took a year. Think of the torrential currents that must have been involved in all of this. Hard to imagine coming out with the same landscape as before. People have named rivers since then. The people involved would have been Noah and his wife, their 3 sons and their wives. People are known for naming things like rivers and cities after places they are familiar with. "New" York. "New" Mexico. "New" Orleans. "Tigris" river. "Euphrates" river. Who's to say Ararat was the name of that mountain before the flood, or would they even have recognized it. Today people are looking in that area because of the names of a couple rivers. But there is no way to know where Eden was.
  13. I think it exist for medical reasons
  14. I think it exist for medical reasons
  15. I’m guessing - that you are guessing.

    But then again I’m only guessing.

  16. For medicinal purposes, for happiness, for health. For relief. For use just like thousands of other plants and herbs.

    For me, to choose to partake with my free will. To heighten my creativity, and remove my inhibitions. To open my pathways of thinking, to grow my knowledgə in new ways. To let me see a different vision of the world. To help me break out of my shell and no longer have issues with social anxiety.

    So that the plant itself, could live, and breathe, and be part of earth's vibrations. And if nothing else, to bask in its own glory and beauty. To release an ever enticing and unique fragrance into the air.

    So that her leaves could feel the warmth of the same sun I feel on my skin. So that she could grow, and fulfill her duty of this world.

    And for whatever bugs and other parts of life need her in their ecosystem.

    And most importantly, so I can smoke this bowl.
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