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Discussion in 'Growing Organic Marijuana' started by jerry111165, May 19, 2014.

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    Most of you around here know me and if you don't then it's good to meet you and I'm glad that you're here. I go by the name of Jerry around here and I am a gardener.

    While I do of course love growing my cannabis, I also truly love spending time in my vegetable garden. There's nothing better than growing your own food, and to grow this food in harmony with nature makes it that much better.

    It's that time of year when everybody is getting their outdoor vegetable gardens going and some of us have been discussing these gardens here and there in different threads. I thought that it would be nice to have somewhere that we could dedicate to outdoor vegetable gardening; somewhere that we can discuss our methods without having the conversation scattered everywhere, somewhere that discussions can be had and kept track of in one place.

    My gardens are my happy place - there's not too much that can bother me when I'm out on my hands and knees in the dirt. Let's see what you have going on at home whether it's some potted plants out on your deck or your fields or great big gardens! I have no doubt that we can get some great pictures and good discussion going on here.

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  2. I'm sub'bed.
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  4. Hey Pak!

    Like I said before, you've got a beautiful garden happening there. What have you added to your soil this season? Have you done anything special this year that you think will give you an edge? I'm totally interested here and trying to see what other methods different people are using.

    Regarding the hoop house over your tomatoes, are you doing this for a particular reason? It must not be because of temperature, or are you trying to extend your season? Maybe keep some rain off of them?

    See, I think this is going to be cool because we will be able to watch each other's gardens grow all summer now!

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    Unfortunately I have no where for a garden at my place, but I am helping out a organic farm later this summer so ill post some pics from there.
    I plan on putting in some hugelkultur beds if they allow me too.
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  6. Subbed! Here is a shot of my mulching effort. Like I said before, this season is my first with it. The kale in this pic was purposely left in when I harvested the rest. I want to see how well it holds up in the heat now that I'm using the mulch. I have shade fabric over the top for mid day protection. If this bed works out the way I hope, I will make more that will be random spots around the yard.

    Some heirloom pepper plants that I started inside. Trying to harden them off to the heat but it's not going to be easy because zip should have done it a month ago. I didn't anticipate the winter being so warm here so I'm playing catch up....never a good thing in the I'm learning.
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    cool thread dude!!
    just got mine going this weekend.. started some Tokyo Turnips last month, and planted some snap peas, arugula and more turnips saturday.
    the native soil is pretty good here, last fall i covered it up with sheets of cardboard and about 5-6' of leaves from the yard. The result (i hope) will be a good mulch and a great home for the worms and other critters underneath, and a blocker for the weeds.
    turnips and peas are some old used bagged soil from previous wed grows, compost, chicken manure mixed in with the native soil.
    plan on doing tomatoes (i buy heirloom plants from a local farm) some hot pepper varieties, watermelon, romano beans, and a few other things that catch my eye.
    a few pics.. Tons of maple saplings grew out of the leaves. I planted a few back into the woods and threw the rest into the compost pile. I tried pulling some and just leaving them in there but the roots grew right back into the leaves lol..
    PS: nice work Pak & DDD!
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    The hoop house is to keep off the rain and extend the season. Here in the PNW we can get into the cloudy, rainy season in September.
    Last fall I had them bring in 15 yards of thermal compost.
    View attachment 128011
    I then brought in 3 cubic yards of very aged cow manure. This was from a dairy farm down the road and be piled up for years and full of worms.
    View attachment 128561
    I covered it with 4 bales of straw. I throw down some alfalfa pellets and have been dumping my left over ACT. That's about it. I'm going to think about adding more amendments later in the fall.
    View attachment 128562
    Finally I built a thermal compost pile with some decaying straw, mulched maple leaves and horse manure.
    View attachment 129239
    This is the first year I've done this garden. Last year was a test to see if the solar electric fence would keep the deer out of the garden.
  9. Here a picture of my favorite rhododendron. It's about 20' high. The little notch in it is from the UPS trucks breaking off the branches when they come into the driveway.
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  10. Beautiful stuff guys! I can see this thread being a really cool thing - I'm really excited for it! There are so many different kinds of food we grow in our spots all over the place - I've no doubt we can really benefit from each other's ideas. Sweet!

    AW, all of those leaves are going to turn into some serious soil. I'm so psyched for you cuz I know what's going to happen. "If I were you" I would keep top dressing the leaves with whatever you can come up with for N sources to speed up the decomposition.

    3D, a big part of the reason that I mulch is because it breaks down into humus. I really hate to say, because I don't have any personal experience with Cedar mulch, but that stuff isn't going to break down anytime soon - which is an understatement. It will help keep things moister and a little cooler, but won't break down...

    Pak, I figured that rain was the reason for the hoop houses. I'll be curious to see how much better that having them does for you - I bet it works out excellent. Is this a common practice where you live?

  11. Great idea Jerry! I'll toss up some pics in a while when I get home. Mine are still in pots in the garage. I hope to get my soil ready by this weekend.
  12. That's what I'm learning now. The primary reason that I got that mulch was because out of everything readily available, it was the best of the choices I had. My other choices were bark mulch and artificial rubber mulch. Plus I had read somewhere in GC that cedar has a natural pest deterrent. I should've taken some of my leaves layered them with compost under the cedar. ...what do you guys think?

    NekidBudz advised me to use straw or Timothy straw but I don't know what Timothy straw is and I ran out of time for getting a bale of hay....
    Thanks for including the sad, kinda pale indoor growers.
    I'm slowly building up my indoor garden as batches of soil become ready, and life gives me time to hit the green market for seedlings. I really love giving my money to these small, organic farms that travel to the city every other day for the market. Their cuttings and seedlings are always so clean, and healthy...and they're such nice people to deal with. 
    Here's a cheap planter I rigged up with a 2-bulb t5 unit and some curtain rods I had laying around. It's got pineapple sage, sage, sweet basil, cinnamon basil, lavender, cilantro, chocolate peppermint and peppermint. I've been topping them every few days to in hopes of making a nice, full bed of herbs.
    View attachment 1455212
    Here's spearmint, a pepper plant and lemongrass.
    View attachment 1455247
    It's a California Wonder pepper plant. I have no idea what that means, but it sure is a neat plant. It looks like its budding, very excited.
    View attachment 1455248
    And this nothing. I'm very proud of this one. Soon it will house the pepper plant.
    View attachment 1455251
  14. 3d, what can you come up with for OM?

    Straw, hay, leaves, etc? I know that it's really hard where you live... But that's what you want. IMO. You want material that will break down.

  15. Hell yeah Jerr so stoked you made this thread. I'll try and get some pics up this weekend.. Really nice gardens everyone! 
    No, not for the backyard gardener. Most of the truck farmers in the valley have hoop house though.
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  17. Ive decided partly because of this thread that I will try and grow a shit ton of veggies in my house. Ill post this weekend with updates when I get payed :smoke:
    man.. was just thinking of this.
    was going to throw some alfalfa pellets down and cover w/ either more leaves or straw.
    but now i'm thinking the alfalfa pellets may attract rabbits? whatchya think?
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    Go with the alphalpha, it is probably the best grass for developing soil. Or comfrey or both
  20. cool.. i think i'll plant everything i want to plant first.
    then lay down some alfalfa, and cover that w/ straw mulch.. hopefully the weeds stay in check.

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