If you are under 35 stop bitching about relationships

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by TejasBoi, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. There's two sides to every story.

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  2. Are you insinuating that people under 35 don't own homes, are married and have kids?

    I'm 25 at the end of March, work 40+ hrs my girlfriend and I just closed on our new $100,000 home, she's 27, a full time student, and we are both raising her 4 year old son.

    Generalizations like the OP and yourself have stated come off as bitter and immature to me, emotional distress is exactly thatv no matter how old you are. Everyone copes differently.

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    not everyone..lol
    I'd have to completely disagree with you..
    you missed the point completely
    I saw you, don't try and pretend I didn't.
    You smiled at that whore waitress, we're going to have a long talk when we get home.
  5. No, it was generalized that people have nothing to lose until they turn are over 35.

    If the point was to say stop bitching about a relationship falling apart because there are other life problems that actually determine a positive your future - then maybe it should just be better worded in the OP.

    I didn't miss the point, it wasn't stated in a reasonable manner.
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  6. personally i would have worded it a little different but..
    the way you replied ... imo you missed the point...
     but whatever... im not arguing about something so petty
    I'm talking from a strict neurological standpoint. The sections of your brain that process emotions and dealing with rejection are fully developed by at most 25 years of age. Barring some kind of brain abnormality of course.
  8. This Is retarded. I am 18 years old with my own house, my girlfriend lives with me, and I have two cars, go to school, and work 3 jobs and I can't bitch if I lose the girl that I've always went too when I'm upset? The person who is always there for me and never judges me and my best friend? Fuck you dude get off your high horse

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  9. I agree. But how can one know the truth when the other side of the story is filled with multiple lies to the point of a complete distortion of reality?
    There in lies the truth. Who says you're not the one telling all the lies?
    Not trying to be a dick...just yankin your chain.

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