If you are under 35 stop bitching about relationships

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by TejasBoi, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. There, someone had to say.

    I see these young kids talking about how hard it is to lose someone and they don't know how they will ever survived the next 40+ years of their lives..

    Get over it.. Your young and there is plenty of time to find another weirdo like yourselves.

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  2. i know teenagers saying that is annoying but 35 is a bit old dude
  3. Considering emotional maturity is reached well before 35 I'd have to completely disagree with you.
  4. Some people still act like they're in middle school well past their 30s so I agree
  5. A lot of people, usually young ones, like to think that they live in a movie and treat life like one long drama with themselves as the main character. With these people, relationships are usually filled with immature bullshit.
  6. Amen to that! Wait until you actually have something on the line to lose instead of just company and sex. Like kids, a house, a car, a job... Hell even the family dog! When some or even all of that hinge on your relationship it boils down to responsibility not "feelings"... Lol.... And looking back... Those days were the easy ones.
  7. i think you should stop with your PSA's because no one agrees with them lol

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    Yup, if you are single at 35, marry the next women that can stand to look at you or kill yourself.
    I think what OP is trying to say is everybody goes through relationship troubles before they find the one. Sure, if you are lucky enough to find someone awesome, that is great for you. For the rest of us, this is just a reminder to enjoy the good things in life, and trust you will find the right person in time.
  9. Stupid post is stupid.

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  10. ...Get over it.. Your young and there is plenty of time to find another weirdo like yourselves.?
    I'm well past 40 with 2 wives and they bitch and I bitch ...yo! its human 2 bitch,
    as you will find out one day when you grow a 'pair'
  11. Nice dude 2 wives at the same time? You have earned my respect.
  12. Dont be an asshole dude your judging us. Just cause were young doesnt mean were all carefree sex addicts. Maybe we wana make it to 35 with someone and not have to play the middle aged dating game. You dont know us bro and maybe you forgot what its like to be young so Ill jog your memory. If your not 6 ft 6 with six pack abs banging chicks aint as easy as you think so maybe were trying to get a lady grow up and settle down before before were 40. So as far as Im concerned stop your bitching.
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    Hey OP, guess what, guess what... this is the Sex, Love, and Relationships forum.

    So. Good luck with that.
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    Lol. How dare young kids talk about their relationships. Do they not realise you need to be 35 to qualify as serious... :laughing: 

    Hilarious to say the least, absolutely rib destroying. I find it funny you care so much about other peoples relationships and the fact they talk about them.

    Cmon OP, really?
  15. Lol, seems like a Monday, but its a Sunday.
  16. I was thinking the exact same thing just a few moments ago.......

    Sent from....... wouldn't you like to know. Probably your mamas house.
  17. I think he just feels bad cuz he's lonely at such an old age...

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  18. Pain is relative, bro. Many of these feelings are not only intense, but they're completely new to those much younger than us.

    Because I know it's likely to "get worse" as they get older, I feel sympathy, not scorn. Adolescence may not be "hard" by an adult's yardstick because most of us have varied life experience they haven't had yet -- but that's like saying that walking isn't tough for a toddler because you, an adult, do it every day without issue.

    Everything was life or death when I was a teenager, and being a teenager hasn't changed; you have. So if anyone older than you ever showed you mercy or understanding of what you were going through, then maybe we can be understanding of those around here.
  19. Best reply right hurr.
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    Wow didn't know so many people would catch feeling!! lol

    Well, what I meant was it's not the end of the world for you young lads. You will surly meet someone else and enjoy your life. So this heart ache your feeling is only temporarily and you shouldnt dwell on it.
    Lol so many female males in here. Sorry I hurt your feeling.

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