if you are on win. xp you must read this

Discussion in 'General' started by das müffin mann, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Go to the command prompt in the start menu and type in "telnet". once the screen pops up type "o" as in "open" press enter, then type: "towel.blinkenlights.nl" all you have to do after that is watch and enjoy.
  2. this is the star wars thing right? its old news, but its still cool
  3. Did my computer come with star wars shit and I dont even know it? weird
  4. that was really really cool. In fact it made my day. + Rep
  5. cool

    but i am too high for this
  6. glad i could make your day better:D
  7. haha, surprises me people havent seen that yet lol
  8. I fail. I consider myself avid internet user ( telnet as well, of course ) and have never seen this before....lol

    Like i said, maybe the fail factor is high here. =]
  9. im too high for this. LOL so retro.
  10. Fuck dude, I just had to read this thread while on the Mac.
  11. Wow! Thats badass.
  12. How big of a nerd do you have to be to implement that in windows xp? It's kinda sad.
  13. its not in windows. this has been around since the dawn of the internet. this is why ur typing in a url in telnet :rolleyes:
  14. thats tight i just did it.
  15. damn is that the entire movie?
  16. Damn, i was kinda iffy to do it, but thats nuts.

    ... yeah how long is that? i only watched a couple minutes
  17. oh yes it's the whole movie
  18. Right click on desktop, create shortcut. In the input bar type Shutdown -s. Save the shortcut. Right click on it and rename it Internet explorer and change the icon the internet explorer icon. Replace the IE icon on the desktop with this one, and enjoy for friends/ family's agony.

    Thats old school though. I learned about that in my CTA course. (the star wars thing)
  19. What the fuck man. How long does that go ON?

    EDIT: Jesus H fucking christ, the WHOLE MOVIE? WHAT?! Fuckin nerds.

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