If weed was legal....

Discussion in 'General' started by ledfut, May 8, 2006.

  1. would you do any other drugs?

    the only ones i would do are psychadellics (shrooms, acid, salvia, morning glory, dxm)

    the only reason that i do anything else is because it's available, and it's there. i never go out of my way for hard drugs.
  2. i'd do what i do now, do whatever i want when i feel like it...
  3. yea if weed was legal, id smoke ALOT more than i do now because i would have a huge grow op haha. But besides that, i would prolly do more drugs because. idk. the fun of sneaking around is gone haha, jk jk
  4. honestly. while i have no problem doing whatever. i think i would stop. weed is all i really need. and alcohol is always there to mix with. you can't go wrong.
  5. id get pissed watching the fucking posers smoke.
  6. agreed.

    if weed where legal, i would be doing the same things im doing now: smoking every day, growing, and having a grand old time. as far as other drugs go, i already do alot so theres no change their either.
  7. If Weed were legal, I wouldn't be looking for another job (not fired, just the stress of possible random DT is killing me) I'd smoke a shitload more, and I'd beh aving a blast in life.

    I'd probably try shrooms once though... but hell, Is till might.
  8. like nush i'd smoke so much more because of the giant greenhouse full i would have in my backyard not to mention a few plants in my house :hello: i'd cook with it all the time and invest in a really good vaporizer.

    oh yeah and i'd still do more drugs than you can shake a stick at.

    my grandma used to always say that. "you got more mosquito bites on you than you can shake a stick at!" :smoking:
  9. I don't think I would... And like Jonsi, I wouldn't be considering a career-change (our random dt's start on june first. Luckily, teachers don't go back to work until mid-July)
  10. ^are you a teacher? :eek:
  11. My math teacher smokes... I told him if he wanted I'd smoke him out sometime.

    Very cool guy. :)
  12. Only if...
  13. I already cant stand these very straightedged girls that want to stand out so they start smoking ciggaretes and dont even inhale. if weed were legal they would be passing around blunts and wasting really good bud pretending to be high.
    Its not just girls either. Sme guys do the same damn thing.

    But im not saying it would be BAd if it wer elegal. HAHA! Fuck.. I would be wearing my trench coat, only now it would ber etrofitted with zippers and new pockets just loaded to the teeth with pieces and weed.. hell Id probably have a potted plant in my coat with a grow light.
  14. Head Start... I teach 3-5 year olds. They're awesome:rolleyes:
  15. If those parents knew a pothead was teaching their kids, they would flip. Ha, there isn't anything wrong with that though, and if it was legal... wow. I would rather have decriminalization. (sp real stoned :wave: )
  16. They would flip. And it's sad. You know, I smoke maybe a bowl or two a day, after work. As opposed to the women who take a xanax (sp...) or two and then come to work... you can't tell me that smoking at home is worse than taking sedatives and coming to work... sadly, that's how the world is now. But I could go on and on about that for days.

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