If we could travel faster than light.

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    Since we see planets from the earth as they were in the past and not the present because they're light hasn't reached us yet, if we could travel faster than light and get to another planet before our "light" has reached it at a certain point, could we see back in our time? Could we see what our world was like thousands of years ago if we could see earth in detail from that planet? I was stoned watching the "The Universe" on the history channel at midnight when i thought of this. Thoughts?
  2. hot damn that might just be crazy enough to work! good thinking but you should do more research to find out
  3. Thanks man, i first thought that it was stupid but then i explained it to my friends and they thought that it was amazing, but of course we were :smoking:.
  4. i think that would work :O

    if only we could do that thiers something like once and object moves faster than light it no longer behaves as atoms or somthing like that pretty much means that if we move faster than light we will simply no longer be a thing so i think we are pretty much screwd :D

    but + REP for the concept
  5. unless we become materialized!
  6. if you traveled faster than light the visual depiction of your body would stay behind you becaause you need the light reflection to see something.
    You could turn around and see yourself running(or whatever)
  7. this thread is going very very very deep .

    . well if you moved FASTER than light if you turned round you would NOT see yourself running because the light would not be moving as fast as you therefore you would never see it
  8. ohhh fuck yeah.

    how about this one, POTzilla told me this a few weeks ago.

    if you got (hypertheticly) a massive pole that reached a planet thousands of lightyears away. You then shot a beam of light at that planet and pushed the pole at the same time.
    The people on that planet would see the pole move faster than the beam of light.

  9. But if you traveled faster then light by some man-made machine like the hadron collider is trying to do ( thats what they said on on the show or something like that), to a fixed point, and stopped, you could look back at our planet with a powerful telescope and see our past. I understand tho where your coming from but that deals with the problem of being able to succesfully travel faster than light.
  10. How did you come to this conclusion?

    Nothing, not even gravitrons, can move faster than the speed of light.
  11. i didn't come to this conclusion, my friend POTzilla did.

    i dont understand what he means by it, thats why i added the ':confused:'
  12. the pole idea seems pretty sound.

    i can understand how it works but remember the bit of the poll they see is right in front of them so they would See THIER END of the pole move towards them but if you where takling about them seeing YOUR end of the pole move then it would get to them at the same time as the light flash
  13. OK first if u did shoot to a planet faster than the speed of light once u reached space u would start to be going alot slower in your time once you would reach the plante on earth time would have been hundreds thousands maybe millions of years. in space time goes slower its provn with sattelites its just one of those weird things. try to find the explorer episode of like time travel all of the physicists talk about how time is a dimension and shit
  14. I think he's confused...when you "push" something on earth, it may seem like its moving instantaneously, but that trasnfer of energy is no where near the speed at which light travels.
  15. also the speed of light to us is also distance if we went at the speed of light we would shoot our selves a certain distance.
  16. we'd fkn decinerate man!
  17. We can't go faster than light. That said what you are talking about with perception of time at relativistic speeds, yes you would be seeing the past in a sort of way. Also, if you go close to the speed of light for a while, you (I don't want to say speed up time) but basically your time is different than somebody on a more stationary object (say Earth.) You could go up in space and move really fast for a few years and come back and it could be like 50 years later.
  18. Faster than light (FTL) (lol battlestar galactica) was shown to be impossible by Albert Einstein.

    However, it still reminds me of the movie Event Horizon. The guy asks his crew what the fastest way between two points on a piece of paper is and someone says a straight line. He says no and folds the paper and half. This brings about the theory about wormholes, but then we would be talking about time travel.
  19. General Relativity also states that wormholes cannot be opened or the entire space-time fabric will fall apart.
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