If todays marijuana policy matched the policy of alcohol during alcohol prohibition..

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  1. Do you realize how happy you would be? Do you realize that if the current marijuana laws today was changed so that it would equal whatever the alcohol policies of alcohol prohibition was. Stoners would be blaring their horns louder than the Poorto Ricans on the Poorto Rico day parade. Stoners would cry for joy harder than black people after the OJ verdict. Stoners would be so happy, theyd kiss the ground even if it had traces of dogshit. It would be a pipe dream so realistic that stoners couldnt catch their breath and gasp to death.

    This is all IF marijuana today was treated like alcohol during alcohol prohibition let alone legal!

    During alcohol prohibition it was perfectly legal to possess and drink alcohol.
    Today, its illegal to possess or smoke marijuana.

    During alcohol prohibition no one got fined or went to jail for simply possessing a bottle of beer or drinking it.
    Today with marijuana, u can go to jail for years just for carrying a dimebag in your pocket!

    During alcohol prohibition no one was forced to take a breathylizer test to get a job the same was marijuana smokers have to take a drug test.

    During alcohol prohibition, it was perfectly legal to buy alcohol through a prescription. it was even promoted and advertised!
    Today, the DEA will bust down your door, kill for dog and family for medical marijuana!

    During alcohol prohibition we didnt have any of these so called mandatory minimums or life sentences handed for selling alcohol
    Today, you dont even have to sell marijuana to get a life sentence, all you need to do is possess a large enough amount.

    During alcohol prohibition there were all these exemptions such as religious exemptions and if you stocked up on booze before prohibition, you can keep it.
    Today theres no exemptions whatsoever. Nothing for people that need it that are sick and dieing, nothing for religious people such as Rastafarians, no grandfather claus for people who bought their marijuana legally before 1970. No nothing. If you use marijuana, you get treated like a piece of shit getting flushed down the toilet.

    During alcohol prohibition it was perfectly legal for the beer companies to sell a beer mixing kit so consumers can buy it to make beer. It was all perfectly legal cause no alcohol was sold and the police never bothered anyone making small batches of beer.
    Can you imagine of someone today sold marijuana seeds and growing lamps together??? The cops and dea definitely wouldnt leave you alone like they did to beer drinkers back then!!!

    During alcohol prohibition near beer was perfectly legal. Drinks could legally have trace amounts of alcohol.
    Guess what Americas policy is on HEMP! with NO THC!!

    During alcohol prohibition, people used facts instead of lies and fear tactics when it ended and realized it didnt work. They even had young kids make a speech at how prohibition didnt work and it only created violence.
    Today with marijuana they keep using the kids as an excuse to take away adults rights to responsibly use it. No one is allowed to have a rational discussion about it.

    Wouldnt you cut off your left nut and die just to have marijuana get the same legal status as alcohol during alcohol prohibition? You cant even compare the current policy to alcohol prohibition! Theyre NOTHING alike. Marijuana is treated a trillion times worse!!!!!!
  2. i don't know about letting my left nut go, but all that was because everyone drank something at some time or another...but our kids are taught that marijuana is a drug, so people have been growing up for generations being brain washed about how bad marijuana is.
  3. During alcohol prohibition possession & production of alcohol was illegal, the act of drinking was not illegal. Today possession & production of marijuana is illegal the act of smoking is not illegal.

    Its basically the same. Also its Puerto Rican not Poorto Rican
  4. What the hell are you talking about?!It sucks but smoking marijuana is definitely not legal.
  5. ok, drinking alcohol in certain places is not legal either...you can only drink in designated areas...even when you go a bar, you can't leave the counter with your beer in hand...you can't drink a beer outside of a liquor store either....why would people assume that smoking bud in public is ok...if you drink alcohol in public, you're getting arrested for public intoxication..
  6. Well, alcohol prohibition was actually a moral issue. It was misguided, but that's what it was. Cannabis prohibition, while presented to the public as a moral issue, is actually about preserving profits for monopoly industries like the pharmaceuticals. For that reason they have to be alot stricter.
  7. How long did alcohol prohibition go on? Now compare to drugs. Its just been going on longer and the corruption therein more well-developed. Given 40+ years to develop, alcohol prohib would have been equally failed and corrupt. The substance matters not with prohib, the results will be the same.
  8. We'd probably have the troll faces from the WCTU putting up posters like this about cannabis...


    On the other hand...last I checked their site, they actually are against cannabis...so still, fuck them...just not with my dick, or yours.
    The only thing that stops marijuana prohibition from being quite as ineffective as alcohol prohibition back then is the evolution in medicine that makes wide-spread employment testing feasible and the evolution of technology that makes policing more effective and corruption harder to hide.
  9. I completely agree. Society makes no sense and society is based upon lies. Cannabis is a harmless substance and the prohibition does not work and never will work. Children should be educated about what the plant is and what it can do. People should know that the Hemp plant is the most robust durable soft fiber on the face of the planet and should know that over 5000 textile products can be made from it. They should know that Cannabis in all forms has medicinal value and that it helps people with all ailment. People should be bowing down to this plant and anyone with half a brain could recognize that the plant can do so many wonderful things for the world
  10. Marijuana>Alchohol
  11. Talk about driving a man to drink... just sayin'
    Is that a promise? :eek:

  12. don't compare alcohol to marijuana. the first major difference is the intake. a better comparison would be tobacco and marijuana because you smoke them. the second major difference is alcohol intoxicates you. it makes you slur your words, stumble about, causes car accidents, destroys your liver, and can cause violence but that's up to the individual's personality. weed relaxes you, makes you more aware, inhibits disease (cancer, etc), can be used to create textiles, houses, fuel, etc. and also makes you a more peaceful person overall.

    it should have the same laws as tobacco. you should be able to smoke anywhere that does not prohibit smoking. plain and simple.
  13. [​IMG]

    I wouldn't fuck any of those women with someone elses dick!

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