If there is no conspiracy why are dentists poisoning us?

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  1. Its a long article, brace your selves:

    Dangers of Dentistry

    Conspiracy theorists believe there is a population
    reduction plan being put into practice with

    the masses being gradually weakened and

    killed off by several sinister means, one of

    which being the deliberate poisoning of foods,

    drink and medicines with a range of dangerous toxins

    including aspartame and fluoride.

    As well as conspiracy theorists, those who study politics and s
    ocial science are also convinced that a "dumbing down"

    of the people has been taking place and neurotoxins

    that damage brain function and poisons like fluoride

    can be one way used to achieve this.
    So I ask myself why are dentists commonly still

    prescribing fluoride toothpastes and mouthwashes, a
    nd indeed, why are the shelves of pharmacies filled with
    dental products containing this harmful element?

    Why is it increasingly added to public water supplies

    despite campaigns against this and loads of evidence
    that it endangers health rather than benefits us?

    Used by the Nazis

    Fluoride was used by the Nazis for two purposes

    - to make their victims more easy to control and
    to cause them to be infertile and sterile.

    This is all documented. Most of us have

    amalgam fillings, or had them if we can afford

    to have them removed, and many dentists still

    use this material which contains mercury,

    which is a very dangerous element. This is not
    new knowledge that mercury is a danger to

    health so why was it ever put into our teeth in the first place?

    the rest of the article :
    If there is no conspiracy why are dentists poisoning us? - StumbleUpon

    If you dont have knowledge of the shit doctors and dentists and everyone else on the pharma's payroll do to you, how can you possible know if its good or bad until you die?
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    For the amount of times a year you go to the dentist and the amount they use I doubt it has a effect on you. Your not supposed to swallow it either, for this specific reason.
    If you believe that you got problems
  3. pretty scary since they put that shit in our drinking water
  4. ^
    dasani all the way .
  5. This is perhaps the most retarded purported 'population reduction plan' ever, since it doesn't actually reduce the population at all.

    Show us evidence that suggests that fluoride, at levels in drinking water, damages brain function.

    "Enamel, the outer layer of the crown of a tooth, is made of closely packed mineral crystals. Every day, minerals are lost and gained from inside the enamel crystals. Losing minerals is called demineralization. Gaining them back is called remineralization.
    Demineralization begins with the bacteria in the plaque on your teeth. They feed on sugar and other carbohydrates in your mouth and produce acids. The acids dissolve crystals in tooth enamel. The loss of enamel is balanced by remineralization. In this process, minerals in the saliva, such as fluoride, calcium and phosphate, are deposited back into the enamel. Too much loss of minerals without enough replacement leads to tooth decay.
    Fluoride helps teeth in two ways. When children eat or drink fluoride in small doses, it enters the bloodstream and becomes part of their developing permanent teeth. Swallowed fluorides also become part of the saliva and strengthen teeth from the outside. Acids are less able to damage tooth enamel strengthened by fluoride.
    In addition, people apply fluoride directly to their teeth when they use a fluoride toothpaste or rinse. Both children and adults also can receive fluoride treatments from the dentist. Fluoride applied to the outside of the teeth helps to speed remineralization. Fluoride treatments, applied in the dental office, also are strong enough to disrupt the production of acids by bacteria."

    What are the dangers of fillings specifically, and what evidence to support this is there?

    Also, Nazis thought a lot of things. They thought dogs could be trained to talk. I wouldn't base anything on them. :rolleyes:
  6. damn bro i thought i was too paranoid as it is. fuck.
  7. There's fuckier shit going on in front of our noses compared to this.
  8. The dentists... They are taking over the WORLD!
  9. im sure alot of people dont even go to the dentist regularly. i know i dont, and my dad probably hasnt gone in years.
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    Thank you for posting some opposition. I agree with some conspiracy theories as much as the next pothead, but things like this are excessive. Why spread any more fear than we already have in our lives? Do you really want to know if the government crashed planes into the wtc or if doctors are part of a secret society that wants to kill us? Would it help you sleep at night?
    I think there is a conspiracy amongst conspiracy theorists. They are organizing information to convince everyone to leave the states to enjoy fuller lives in third world countries in south america. Then, the chosen people will be free to build a coast to coast utopian world power. The original americans will all have dysentery and will be incapable of mounting a force to take back the homeland. They're working with the man, man.
  11. What do you call a medical school drop out? ... A dentist!

    (figured I would do some dentist bashing here and steal a joke from Seinfeld :) )
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    It doesnt, but when you drink it, bath in it, brush your teeth with it, cook with it, go to the dentist to get it, chew gum with it, it can pose potential risks. Im pretty sure alot of well known scientist have already made this claim as well. There is no way of accurately measuring the amount of fluoride people are actually ingesting. The toxicity of fluoride in high doses is not even up for debate, so why is it still being put into public drinking system for the sake of 'tooth decay prevention'? Since when the fuck did the government give two shits about me, little lone the health of my teeth? If I had to choose between white teeth and a possibly reduced mental capacity, or a set of 'european bad teeth' with a normally functioning brain, Id choose the latter.

    The same can be said for artificial sugars like aspartame, which are known to be toxic at high doses, and many many people have bad reactions when they ingest it. I personally will not touch artificial sugars or fluoridated toothpaste and water unless I have to. I dont have a tin foil hat im just using my best judgment and taking precautions.
  13. Fair enough man, it's your call, I'm not judging anybody, just calling people out if they make wildly exaggerated claims with little or no evidence to back them up. I also stay away from artificial sugars.

    However, just because fluoride is toxic at high doses, doesn't mean it's dangerous at the tiny doses that are in water systems. A lot of people don't realize the amount of toxic material in common foods from pesticides. If it's not grown organically, there's every chance your apples, peaches, celery etc. contain toxic pesticides. Thing is, they're at such low concentrations that it's unlikely they'll damage health. Point being, just because something is toxic, doesn't mean it is necessarily damaging.

    In the long run, its cheaper to fluoridate water and to experience lower occurances of tooth decay. Which is why the governments do it, to save money. Not as a fucking conspiracy theory to dumb us down or reduce the population.

    The effectiveness and potential health dangers of fluoride is a reasonable subject of debate. That a huge number of Western governments are all in on the same conspiracy theory to dumb down and reduce the population, THAT is laughable. They couldn't get their shit together.
  14. First off, my girl friend is a dentist so I can tell you that they do not use the amalgam fillings anymore because they are dangerous like you said. The fluoride is actually extremely important to your teeth and as long as you are not over exposed it is harmless.
  15. So who's spending billions of dollars (of their own money) a year putting flouride in our water when we already have the best dental care in the world? Private water corporations don't give a flying fickled fuck about the state of your teeth not does the federal government. There IS an alternative reason were not being told and when countless amounts of doctors and physicians are saying it's for sedation purposes it's hard to ignore.
  16. Man, another thing to think about for like days trying to figure out if it's true or just another hoax.

  17. heh, conspiracies, whether "right" or "wrong" they always make me chuckle, no matter how I feel on the issue.
  18. Someone started doing it and people tend to like the benefits. The people who implemented it were not selfish like our current Government is.

    You really answered the question yourself, "billions of dollars" to do this. It's something people don't want to part with so they start all this 'it's poisoning you' nonsense to try to get people to demand we get rid of it and save them money.
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    No it isnt. Not at all. You are fooling yourself if you dont think that the powers that be have their shit together 100%. The fact that the average armchair critic thinks about our current looming overpopulation and fossil fuel shortages, you can bet your ass the powers that be have put way more thought into these things than we have. That is their jobs 24 hours of the day, to govern this place.

    Also civil unrest has been a problem since as long as civilization has been around. If someone discovered an effective drug or chemical that would effectively sedated people but not really effect cognitive function enough to be a danger. You bet your ass they would use it. I dont necessarily believe that there is a depopulation plan in effect right now. But I do know there are some sick fucks in power and it wouldn't be beyond them to try something like it.

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