If The Purge Was Real...

Discussion in 'General' started by AhToker, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. If anything was legal for a day, what would you be doing?

    First thing people think is who they're gonna kill but i'd smoke some good weed in front of a cop. Knowing it's legal and THEY CANT DO SHIT, that'd be great :)
  2. Make a big smuggle across the border

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  3. Sit at home and smoke.
    Why the fuck would I want to do some stupid shit? Nahhh, I'm good.
  4. steal the deed to a house in a decent neighborhood, couple of cars. i would have alot more guns though if we lived in that kind of society. and i would buy ALOT of weed. if they made that movie with some pothead friends as the main characters, it would be a Blockbuster comedy!! 
  5. and you wouldnt have to "smuggle" anything. just go get it and carry that shit in your front seat, securely buckled in!
  6. I might possibly spend a year training in street fighting and go kick my ex's ass (wouldn't kill him) but more than likely I would stay home because I would be afraid of someone else trying to kill me. 
    Considering the fact that the entire nation is going crazy with violence and anarchy I really don't think a cop is going to care about someone smoking haha. Also all law enforcement would be off duty for the duration of the purge anyways  :p
  8. same shit i normally do, the laws dont govern my actions, i do.  I wouldnt start raping and murdering people because someone ssays its okay
  9. Im wondering what a cop would do.
    I probably would be doing something involving a humongous mountain of weed
  10. I'd find a hummer and just drive around rammin' into shit.
    Ummmm they can kill you. I would rather be arrested for weed than killed for weed. The purge would never work because shit would get to hectic. Buildings blowing up/burned down. Women/children getting killed. But i guess it would be good for people waiting for organ donors or owning funeral homes. Imagine your neighbour breaking in killing your children raping your wife and then you have to see him the other 365 days of the year.
  12. i'd blow up the twin towers
    oh wait
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  14. I'd be at Bill Mahers house.... Taking out the trash... 

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