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if the cops come what whappens if you just don't answer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by +AVA-182_Racer, Jan 15, 2010.

  1. if your smokin @ home and the cops come knockin what happens if you just don't answer the door?
  2. Well if they don't have a warrant nothing.
  3. They kick it down if they have a warrant, if not they stand in the cold for a while then leave.
  4. Always talk to them THROUGH THE DOOR. Don't open the door, they could smell pot, or say they smell pot. They could also say they saw something. If they don't have a warrant, don't open the door.
  5. ^this
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  7. If you want to inspire them to get a warrant, this would be the correct way to do it.

    I would just man up and open the door. Most of the time, if you just co-operate and do things in a smart fashion thing's work out fairly well.
  8. oh and the adventure is probablly one of my favorite songs ever so cheers to AVA when does the new movie come out?
  9. Uh not if your house smells like weed or you smell like weed. They can't get a warrant just because you won't open the door for them. Just talk to them through the door or window and politely refuse to let them in without a warrant. Done. No risk and no crime in doing so at all.
  10. Why talk to them through the door? I wouldnt even let them know I was home and when they left I would start getting my shit together to get rid of

  11. The thing I'd do would be to immediately answer the door, step outside and close and lock the door behind you. Talk to them outside, don't leave the door open while you talk. You don't have to tell them anything you don't feel like, and it is not illegal to lie to the police.
  12. Uh, if your house smells like weed and the police are knocking at your door, more times than not they're not going to just walk away. If the police are coming to your house, they're coming to talk to you, and you standing infront of your closed door talking to them is very sketchy. Obviously, if your talking to them through your door, something is going on.

    Now, if your house smells like weed and your sitting there talking to them through the door, what does that say? Of course this isn't enough evidence to prove that you have a grow op going on, but why even take the chance.
  13. I'm talking about if you open the door and they smell the weed because of that. Why do you insist on helping out the police? What's so shady about talking through a closed door? I do it all the time for every other stranger that knocks on my door. Why are the police any different? If they want to get inside the house, they need a warrant and you refusing to open the door isnt going to get them one. If I had smoked recently, I'm not going to take the chance by opening the door for the cops or talking to them face to face if I don't have to. End of Story. You honestly don't even have to answer the door at all. Without a warrant, nothing they can do.

  14. Because they're trying to do their job. Meh, i don't really care, if it work's for you then who am i to say otherwise, i just still think it's sketchy to be doing that kind of shit.

    But, if i were a cop and somebody is talking to me through their door, like that's not normal. Atleast where i come from.
  15. they can't barge in only if they have a warrant.
    now if you want to open the door, close the door behind you lock it if you want.
  16. I just mean can't u just act like ur asleep, and BTW I forgot when AVA's movie is coming out, thry have a trailer out tho
  17. you dont have too unless they have a warrant but if you do decide to open the door make sure that you hide your stuff and only open it a little because if he sees a bong or weed than he can search with out a warrent.

  18. Their job also entails busting you for smoking weed, why help them out with that?
  19. Well the police aren't going to knock when your just sitting around smoking a bowl. More then likely they'll only come if you're having a party or being loud, or otherwise drawing attention to your place. In which case its probably better to go out and talk, closing the door behind you. Noise violations are expensive. Just my two cents, still refuse entry without a warrant.
  20. um yes it is:rolleyes:

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