If sperm swim...

Discussion in 'General' started by babaloeey, May 7, 2011.

  1. then why doesn't jizz move by itself when you leave it out on the table
  2. obviously another lie by the medical association
  3. Because it's dead the second it hits oxygen.

  4. fixed that for ya.
  5. it does. yours are just broken.
  6. Because all sperm is tiny little cells, the jizz itself is 1/3 mucus or something
  7. when u swim the pool doesn't move with you does it?

  8. this.
  9. I gotta lock mine up in a box for a few hours after I finish. Learned the hard way, too.
  10. such a stoner question.
  11. Sperm cells do move, but they aren't strong enough to create a pressure differential large enough to move semen. Fish in a pond don't move the pond.
  12. The sperm travel(swim) through the semen(cum).

    The semen protects the sperm from the natural defenses of a womans body. If you have a low semen to sperm proportion you will be infertile as the sperm will be killed through a chemical reaction in the vag
  13. You jizzed on a tabletop..?
    And then left it there?
  14. Some dog is going to have a good meal tonight!!

  15. I was about to ask why the hell he was jizzing on a table...
  16. lol shit makes a good drink coaster

    till it dries

  17. when it dries you have to chisel it off

  18. but if you leave it you have a perfectly preserved cup holder.

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