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If someone has it on their person but in your car what happens

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by metalhead2273, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. If someone has bud in their bag in the trunk of my car, do I get punished or do they because it's in THEIR bag?
  2. Not sure, probably depends where you live. I think the rule may be that both of you get fined.
  3. I'm pretty sure that if he says it isn't his, its yours because it's in your car
  4. As long as the person getting caught says "he didnt know I had it on me", you're usually not charged. And there's really no reason not to say that when you're already arrested, throwing someone else under the bus wont help you.

    Although yes, on the flip side, he could be a complete douche and claim its not his (unless he has id or something in the bag), but that's a reeeeeally shitty thing to do.
  5. If it's ON their person, they will get charged.
    If it's in their backpack but not on their lap, and there's no form of I.D. in there to prove it's their bag and they don't fess up, then you both get charged.
    Unless you a snitch niqqa.
  6. Do you plan on this happening or something?
  7. if theres no way to ID it and who ever youre riding with is a snake and say it isnt theirs, its almost automatically yours.

    what to do in that situation is the real Q. shit turns to a moral issue lol
  8. If everyone else in the vehicle denies it...Yes.:cool:
  9. Yea if they say it isnt theirs then you're screwed
  10. if they own up to it, you might get slapped with transportation depending on where you are (interstate highway vs. backroad) and depending on if the cop's an asshole or not. if they don't own up to it, you could potentially get possession with or without intent to distribute, and transportation
  11. But they shouldn't be able to search your trunk without a warrant anyway. In the glovebox is a whole 'nother story, though.
  12. I'm pretty sure there will be some sort of identification in the bag - is it a school bag?
  13. As the owner/driver of the car... you are responsible for everything inside of it.

  14. Pretty much sums it up .. Generally speaking, if it's in his pocket and you get pulled over and searched, that person is only getting charged for possession.

    If its his bag in your trunk, either he says you had no idea he had that in there and your generally not getting charged. If he says it's yours or that he doesn't know who's it is or where it came from .. Or says nothing at all .. Your both being charged.

    Keep in mind cops are dickheads alot of time and will bend laws or situations to be an asshole, I try to be polite and relatively honest in hopes of not getting caught up with law enforcement.

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