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  1. All the weed in the world dissapeared, including all seeds, and you somehow had the last gram on earth, how would you smoke it? Would you smoke it sparingly or just burn it all in the last session anyone will ever have? Would you smoke it in bong, pipe, vaporizer, maybe one last fat joint or blunt?

    I would probably use it in a vape pretty sparingly, then maybe a few small bowls outta the bubbler, then i would take the last bit and pack one fucking fat ass bong rip and take the biggest hit of my life. Gotta go out with a banger
  2. i would probably save it for a rainy day

    and just smoke little joints when i need to haha
  3. plaque it on the wall with a bong and water bottle. and only break the glass in case of emergency.
  4. Figure out a way to reproduce it
  5. I would hope its some schwag with seeds and try to rekindle the population. If not, I'd take some big bong hits.
  6. i would half for my self.... to roll my last spliff ever (hopefully not) and then find the smartest scientest in the world that can recreate with weed with the .5 i have saved for them...

    and then when that fails ill smoke the last spliff and realize i don't want to move onto a new drug and slowly drift off the road by accident and hit a pole
  7. sell it. you know how much that shit would be worth? if we're paying $20/G with that shit all over the place i cant even imagine how much it would be worth. literally priceless.
  8. I'd go with the bong. Take massive rips to the domeage.
  9. Is smoke it all in one sitting with my bong and then go on a legend of zelda quest to find out how all the weed disappeared
  10. Blunt on a starry night.
  11. [quote name='"BlazeLE"']sell it. you know how much that shit would be worth? if we're paying $20/G with that shit all over the place i cant even imagine how much it would be worth. literally priceless.[/quote]

    Dude i would not want to sell that shit. You would be the last person to ever get stoned, thats priceless.

    And plus if i was gonna sell it, it would have to be for a ton money to be worth selling, and at that point i feel like i would get robbed because everyone would want it and if they found out they will find you
  12. I'd drive all the way to the closest beach (probably a couple hours from where I am), and I'd smoke it all at once out of a Sherlock pipe.

    If you don't smoke it all at once, you'll just miss it more once its gone forever.
  13. I agree with smoking it all at once. If you don't, you're just prolonging the inevitable. It'd be best just to have a final sesh and be done with it.
  14. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3L4spg8vyo]Eric Clapton- Cocaine - YouTube[/ame]

  15. he's totally right. everyone go try that right now!

    as for me, if i had the last bud on Earth, i would sell it for like a zillion dollars to some rich guy who is jonesing super hard. supply and demand baybay
  16. No more weed you say??? The world would eat itself.
  17. I would man up and do cocaine
  18. [quote name='"LuciferGotBaked"']I'd snort it. You get way more high snorting bud than smoking it.[/quote]

  19. [quote name='"fer405"']I would man up and do cocaine[/quote]

    fuck that I'd just make some meth!
  20. Bump...i like the idea of this thread

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