if marijuana isnt legal i will fucken riot

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  1. im so sick of this shit, i have to hide in my own house to use it, sketch around to buy it, make me feel like shit to use it cause its illegal, cops beating the shit out of pot smokers who did nothing wrong, and after seeing the riot, im like i could go to some politicians house and draw a big ass pot leaf on their house, and throw bricks in their house saying legalize it or else.
  2. You should move to London
  3. @kbubb Yeah that would REALLY help the cause.
  4. yeah but i have a motive not just blind robbery, i want to be able to legally smoke pot instead of this hiding bullshit all the time.
  5. yeah well you got a better plan cause we been trying the peaceful way since 1960s with nothing but cops throwing us in jail/beating the shit out of us going STOP RESISTING, im fed up with this injustice. oh yeah and why the fuck are we lining the mexican drug cartels pockets. on oz of dank should be 100. not this 300 or 250 bullshit. dropping the price will make the criminals go after something else
  6. 2 words

    West Coast
  7. 3 letters, D.E.A. there busting them up left and right. soon there wont be any medical marijuana stores anymore which is what the DEA whats to accomplish
  8. Well a better plan is to keep stepping forward instead of taking leaps back
  9. The DEA only busted two dispensaries out of the hundred or so in WA because they avoided paying taxes.

    If you don't pay your taxes it doesn't matter what business you're in, you will be in trouble

    I think you're blowing the whole "cops hate weed!!!" thing out of proportion
  10. and then get the fucken tar beat out of you by a cop pumping steroids, no fuck being peaceful. im fighting back. i will shove that stupid night stick up their ass.
  11. cops do hate weed, especially campus police.
  12. Actually since Mayor Mcginn passed the new ordinance on MMJ Collectives they have been popping up left and right, not disappearing like you claim.
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    Not all, my buddys dad is a State Trooper and he smokes, he is a really big closet smoker though.
  14. then bring that shit over to NY cause im sick of having to not smoke cause of a drug test for a job, also i wish i could go down to the store and buy a pack of Js. see what no pot does to me, i get blinded with rage.
  15. violence is always the answer
  16. see he gets it :hello: you be a pussy and you get stepped the fuck on daily. since when has a non violent protest actually did anything for marijuana.

  17. Reefer madness!:confused:
    Damned if ya do( by those that don't).........Damned if ya don't (by those that do)
  18. lol ok im not that mad but it sucks that my mom can suck down as many beers as she wants and i cant even get weed. fuck beer and fuck cigarettes. fuck the rest of the drugs, all i want is some mofo green. im not a naturally happy person.
  19. You can't always have your cake and eat it to. Either you enjoy your great job or quit it and find another decent one. It's just the way it is.
  20. wish we could organize a stoner revolt in NYC or something

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