If like me, you do not have Netflix...

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  1. Besides the point that life without netflix sucks for the cinematic enthusiast.. I was scavenger around the wed looking for some place to find some TV shows that I am into that let you watch for free and BAM!

    Watch Full Series Online - Episodes, Seasons, TV Shows

    This website pops up. Pretty awesome. A lot of TV shows. Sometimes a pain to deal with, but you get to watch your favorite shows for free. Every once in a while, one of them will get taken off for infringement.. but still, free TV! :)
    Thought I would just share that with the stoners.
  2. Sites like this ALWAYS have a catch..I just tried to watch superjail and it linked me to another site that wanted me to pay to watch..
  3. Ah really man? I've never noticed. The only bad part about this website is that a lot of the times the videos are on megavideo, and it limits you to how much you watch. Sorry mate. Works for me though. For community <3

  4. I had a thread about torrents that got shut down, be careful talking about that stuff on here lol
  5. I go to the library for movies

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