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If legalized..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Amped, May 16, 2010.

  1. I know many people think legalization will be bad because weed will be taxed but im thinking of something else right now. ATM 99.99% of weed (just pulled that percentage out my ass) is all natural with no chemicals added, thus is not very harmful to our body (only harm is the smoke itself.. which we can prevent by vaping or edibles). Tobacco is legal and is grown in huge quantities then fertilized and shit with radioactive chemicals. Would the government not add stuff to it to make it addicting so they can make more money, and/or grow it with harmful chemicals to speed up the natural growth of our beloved mary jane :(?

    if this doesnt make sense im sorry, kinda baked :smoking:
  2. if they started doing that then people would probably still grow, and other people would just buy "organic" weed from those dealers.
  3. imagine how much that "organic" weed would cost :eek:
  4. grow your own then. im growin my own tobaccy cause of all the shit they add to it these days.
  5. yeah thats what a lot of people would prolly do
  6. So what y'all are saying that the weed we buy now is organic?? I also don't feel tha weed legalization is a good idea it just doesn't feel right. I dont grow and I would like too but till I get my own place I live with my mom and she looks trough my shit so it would be real hard to hide it. I'm not hating or nothing like that but I dnt think weed should be legalized? That's just me
  7. Well I believe it should be legalized, and then everybody who has the opportunity should grow instead of buy the weed thats going to be chemically treated by the large companies.

  8. Well, as far as all natural organic cannabis goes, the weed being sold commercially in the us is most likely grown with chemical fertilizers. And most hydroponic systems use chemical fertilizers because organic fertilizers gunk up and stink up a reservoir.

    The other stuff? Money. That's why. It's sad but true.
  9. I want it legalized, but yet I think it prices would rise and I agree with the fact that they would add a lot of unhealthy shit to it to make more money.
  10. Supply and demand. People will only buy the fucked up weed if there's a demand for it. And i doubt there will be much.

  11. How do you know :p? Tobacco has all kinds of shit added to it and there is major demand
  12. And American Spirit Natural Tobacco has done a great job with its niche market (and Kentucky Select Organic, Teton Natural etc.)
    Business & Marketing: The Success Of Marketing Natural Tobacco Cigarettes (Wizbang Pop!)

  13. if they legalized it everyone would grow and/or EVERYONE will have a friend who grows, the government will have a hard time taxing it and less incentive for them to make it legal
  14. We could all grow tomatoes too, but we don't. Even though home grown tomatoes taste better.
  15. if tomatoes were illegal, nobody would grow them, pot is illegal and people grow it, and if it was legal a shit load of people will grow it and pass it out to all their friends, nobody will buy shit that taxed, the government has no reason to legalize it other than to make people happy and that's obviously not on their agenda
  16. Your post is really ridiculous.
  17. Some people don't have the time, resources, space, or desire to grow.

    You'd be surprised how many people would opt to just go out and buy weed from a dispensary, regardless of it being taxed.

    They already tax medical marijuana.... but most dispensaries pay the tax and charge a flat cost
  18. I would, I love tomatoes! How many people would grow illegal tomatoes?:confused: We need a poll...who the heck could cope with a world without ketchup?

    Everybody in Cali is buying it now, when they could grow. That's why they have all those dispensaries.

  19. like me I don't have any of that stuff to grow a least forthe moment

    I still think they should decriminalize weed but not make legal exactly if y'all know wat I mean
  20. Isnt it just simple economics that if supply drastically increases and demand increases a little or maybe even not at all that prices will go down? Im not trying to be a smartass or anything its just that when/if it gets legalized I dont think consumption will increase that much, and many more people will grow. I know a couple people in Cali that dont want to grow even though they have cards because its still kinda a taboo or because of significant others disagreeing. And apartments sometimes dont let you grow even if you have a card. Even with a tax I dont see the price going up, if anything it should go down. Hopefully we will see come Nov.

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