If it were possible, would you cybernetically enhance yourself?

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by Bajhshot, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. And I dont mean a 10ft metal rape tentacles either :eek:

    I mean, something like this when the technology has been improved on, maybe even in the next 25 years?

    VideoCrunch - Telescopic lens implant for your eyeball gets FDA approval

    Telescopic eye FTW. Its not up to par YET, and I personally think if they offered something with a small remote or otherwise designed control system, to focus and zoom in and out, that would be something totally worth getting.

    Cybernetic legs would be sweet. Running for sustained 35 mph or bursts up to say 50? That would be epic.

    It would be cool to get a microcomputer in your brain that would regulate and possibly redistribute synaptic loads for better efficiency. You could possibly use this very same computer to constantly monitor your health and could maybe even display said information, via a projection on the backside of your eye? Things like blood pressure, heart rate, midichlorian count:)smoke:) , things of GREAT importance to your life even. LOL Imagine being able to overclock yourself? Might be dangerous tho! XD But dont worry I'm a professional. :cool:

    Makes one wonder what the possibilities are? Imagine constant (volunatry hopefully LOL) interaction with a light speed network. Instant access to all information, not through some device, but through your synapses. Might be an interesting experience.

    I think after this you know that I would totally do it.
  2. if i have a few million dollars laying around sure
  3. but rich people funding the research will innevitably make it cheaper and cheaper and eventually everyone will have at least one cyber implant of some type, possibly profession related
  4. I probably would, but I would definitely not take it overboard.

    Any changes I would make would barely be noticeable to the general public. Anything more would make me feel weird, like I wasn't myself anymore.
  5. No way bro, thats how the mans gonna get us.
  6. i would, however if i get any computer implanted into me it will not be wifi compatible last thing my brain needs is a computer virus. hmm i wonder how computer viruses would react with the human body if this technology further develops.
  7. Maybe. I guess it really depends.
    If I were blind and something would make me see again, then sure.
    If it were to extend my physical existence by another 20-30 years, then no.
  8. I might. It really depends on the risks and stuff, though. I imagine people would treat it like plastic surgery. Some would do it and some will be disgusted by it and think it's immoral, but still do it anyway sometimes.
  9. I would, but I would only do it modestly. Or perhaps if I had something wrong, if my eyes were going bad for example. And I was going to get surgery to fix them anyways, I'd probably just go it and get them cybernetically enhanced if the procedure was reasonably priced and safe. While I'm getting worked on, why not get an upgrade.

  10. That's the mentality of progress my friend! :metal:

    Well that is the only major issue I can think of for that. But I think as long as you have the computer unable to interact with the functions of your body and could only monitor, the worst that may happen is a popup on your retina display about getting your wang-o-dang enhanced.

    If you gave the computer access to your functions however, a virus could be very problematic. But I am sure there will be ways to design a product safely and effectively, despite the dangers.
  11. I'm gonna do it just like I do with computers now. Hold off as long as I can and then jump in the deep end of the pool. And I can tell you now, if there's a way to hack whatever I get, I'm gonna learn how to do it. :hello:

    That's gotta be the ultimate hackers dream, I get to hack myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry but that idea got me reallly excited haha)
  12. one day i will become Turketron...
  13. I want 10' metal rape tentacles.

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