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If it was cheap and legal how much would you consume?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by breatheeasy, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. The day it's fully legalized and the price drops how much would you consume a day? How many smoke breaks would you take for the day?
  2. Everything I ate would have weed in it. I'd chain smoke joints non-stop and probably be passed out before noon everyday. Wake up and repeat.
  3. Lets just say I will need to take A LOT of strain would be powerful enough anymore, but I could only smoke light sativas in the day, I'm active so I couldn't be stoned till night time. :bongin:
  4. Probably the normal ~less than a gram a day, and take breaks every once in awhile. :D
  5. Well I smoke like a fucking boss at the moment easy ounce a week, I smoke every opportunity I get so I can't really imagine myself smoking anymore even if it was legalized.
  6. A whole lot more than I'm currently enabled to because of my financial status. :bongin:
  7. It more depends on my cash flow then the legality of it
  8. I'd prolly have a pack of joints and smoke them like people do cigarettes ^^
  9. well lets just say if weed was free i would smoke until there was no more weed left on this planet any more
  10. Joint - a mans cigarette
  11. if i didnt have shit to do during the day and it was just a fuck around day at home, probably a quarter to half ounce, if i had work/othershit then a gram or three before bed.
  12. like 5 grams a day prolly
  13. You mean a "True" cigarette :rolleyes:
  14. Too much, probably.
  15. If it were legalized right now, I'd be a little excessive. I would smoke or eat weed every single day, that's for sure. Weed tea for breakfast, lunch cooked in cannaoil, pot brownies for a mellow afternoon. And I'd probably chain-smoke joints all day long...

    It's not that I actually want to get that high everyday. But I am so frustrated with this illegal status and this need to hide that I'm a stoner, that, if I ever get to see the tables turned, I will vastly satisfy and compensate my current frustrations. I'd give anything to be able to take a walk down the avenue and blaze without caring about what other people think...

    Probably, a few years after it's legalized, I'd calm down and be a more moderate stoner. But, in the beginning, I'd be pretty reckless, methinks...
  16. I'd smoke as much as I do now (1-2 grams a day) except maybe I'd have a bowl in the morning as well, instead of just lightin up at the end of the day. I wouldn't want to go too crazy with it because I'd want to still be able to get high.
  17. Too much is probably the answer :D
  18. about the same amount i smoke alot as it is dnt need to be high all the time
  19. Probably around a ounce a week
  20. As much as it took to completely write myself off

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