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If i smoke in my bathroom will it smell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by mikeymon, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. ive smoked alot but never in my house before so idk if itll smell i use a bowl and i can turn the fan on and open the window and turn the shower on (if thatll help)
  2. Is this a riddle, similar to, "If a tree falls in the woods, and no one is around, will it make a sound?"
  3. All you really have to check for is vents in your bathroom. There should at least be one, just close it and then put a towel under the door and you should be good. I do the indoor smoking alot.

  4. nah not a riddle just a question...
  5. Make a sploof pack your bowl, open window turn on shower take a hit,cover bowl so no smoke comes of cherry then blow through sploof out window. Its like 95percent odor free. It helps to take a shower after so your body doesnt stink like weed.

    ^i do it all the time. You can do it but rember keep it small. Dont smoke alot and make sure no smoke comes off the cherry and u blow all ur smoke through the sploof and your golden.

  6. Ya this is pretty standard. If your bathroom has a fan and a window that opens you're golden.

    Bud smoke doesn't tend to stick around that long.
  7. :p

    But to answer your question seriously, if you live with parents, and they don't allow you to smoke in their home, you should be respecting their rules and not smoke in the house.
  8. mikeymon this is what i do...i smoke in the bathroom and exhale out the window...until the bowl is done, then while in shower close the window and turn ur shower all the way super hot and make sure the door is closed and the towel is at the bottom of the door keeping all the steam in the bathroom taking the smoke into the vent at the top after about 10min ur straight
  9. shower on is a must when smoking in a bathroom AUTOMATIC fan like me, i cant cover it or anything nor can i even reach the roof LOL.

    but it WILL smell, but not alot. i actually ONLY smoke in my bathroom and bedroom now that its winter and my garage is waaaay too cold. but sometime ppl complain if i have dank tree or something, idk i seriously close it all up damp towel under the door, over the vent(air goes INTO the vents and into my house too, making it dank more sometimes), but if smell isnt a hugeee deal just do it up. if it is i'd skip it, specially since its gotta air out for a minute, spray never covers everything up completely.
    before i go in the bathroom (and someone is over who cant or doesnt want to smell it) i spray really gross old lady perfume my mom gave me since its SOOO strong around my hall way and crap and then i spray ALOTi n the bathroom, i blow the smoke into the shower since its furthest away and the smoke/steam goes right up into the fan.

    hopeee that helped.
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    Make a sploof. Put a towel under the door. Turn on the shower at its hottest. Don't open the window. This will allow for all the air in the bathroom to be sucked out and not air from the window being sucked in allowing a better vacume. You cant have the window on and run the fan on at the same time. I did this once and all the smoke just came back and blew in my face and in the bathroom when I blew it out the window

  11. don't do it if you have to hide the smell. go outside and save yourself the trouble. that's the best advice your going to get about avoiding consequences.
  12. also, you want the window to be open enough for the bathroom to air out but not too much as the smoke may just loft in and out. open it just a little and you'll see it has better suction its like a MOFUCKINGVACUM
  13. cool thanks for all the replys everything you guys have said so far has been really helpful:hello:
  14. out of everything running shower makes the biggest difference all the above tips are good though
  15. Yeah, the bathroom is the best room of the house. Especially when a shower is running, you're smoking out the window, and if you're bathroom is mostly tiled (this makes a big difference IMO, in preventing the smell from lingering later).
  16. Go for it.

    I smoke in my families steam room all the time, and the steam covers up the smoke perfectly.

    I always leave a fan on in the lobby before the steam room and have it air out when not in use and try to take a shower as well to create some shampoo scents.

    Put your fan on, if there is a window in your bathroom blow the smoke out of it, and when you are done take a nice relaxing High Shower with warm water.

    You will thank yourself that you went through with it.

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