If I had a dollar for every post I've made...

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHempress, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. ...I'd have 10,000 dollars. :cool: :hello: It took me 5½ years.
  2. Ehh, that's only 5 posts per day. I'm not impressed :)
  3. Congrats.. If I had a dollar for every post I've made... It still wouldn't be enough :eek:
  4. CONGRATS!!!!

    Man.... That's amazing.

    You've always been wonderful.... I still remember the night I talked to you for like 2 or three hours at two in the morning. :p

    Heres to a million more posts *lights bowl*.

    You incredible, Hempress, as a mod and as a person in general - and I'll look forward to seeing you around...

    And have a great celebration of your break-mark! :hello:
  5. 10,000 posts.....what a milestone! heres to 10,000 more *raises glass of orange juice(should be a beer but its only 9:38 in the am)....to TheHempress!!!*
  6. I wonder how many other members have 10k+ posts.

    Congrats =)
  7. :hello:Grats Hempress!:hello:

    Bishop to b-5....your move.

  8. nice Hempress, he's to another great 10000
  9. congratulations!

    i remember when i reached that on an old forum of mine, got up to 16,000 before i quit it :)
  10. There's only five in the 10k club.
  11. 10,000


    good shit hempress

    I mean, I'm only like 6,000 away. I'll be there in a sec. ;):smoking:

    Happy 10k Hempy! :yay:
  13. damn thats a lot of posts, i dont even have 4000 and i been here since 2k3, and i always think to myself 'damn i post way too much'
    anyways, congrats on the milestone and keep smokin the reef!
  14. If I had a dollar for every post..

    Well I'd still be broke as fuck.
  15. Yeah, but if you had a Euro for every post you've made...

    well, you might be able to afford a gallon of gas.

    Congrats, Hempress, you are a supermod and a supernerd to match. :p
  16. That's right, but not if I was buying it in Europe!
  17. Huh? I thought gas was more expensive in Europe?
  18. Quintuple digits!?

    Congratulations :D
  19. holy shit

  20. :metal: I am not worthy! :metal:

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