If I get this promotion

Discussion in 'General' started by Zlideways, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Weed for everyone!!! :smoking::smoking:

    No really though if I get this promotion I will so fucking happy.
  2. Details homie
  3. 2nd post -- so I get 20g. xD

  4. It would be for the district manager position mind you I'm only 21. It would almost triple my current salary... which I wouldn't even know how to spend :smoking:

  5. Well if you need help with that.... :p Congrats though bro! DO you feel like you deserve the promotion or you're just really lucky?
  6. I wish I could be sitting in your shoes :D congrats dude.

    :hello: Lets hear some applause :hello:
  7. I feel like a little of both I can only hope for the best though good vibes!

  8. Sorry I'd rather not disclose.
  9. district manager at 21? yeah, thats def good man lol i'm 21 too and have a very good shot at being the new GM this summer when the current moves. so good luck. i'm assistant now, is that what you are? or you a GM
  10. Gm right now, district manager is my promotion
  11. buy me a gram :smoke:

    Congrates and good luck
  12. dude go for it bud goodluck thats the best thing to hear in a while
  13. good job bro, im sure youre the best choice for the position..

    be sure to celebrate correctly, and smoke super tough!!:smoking::smoking:
  14. hope you get the gig man keep us posted on GC, will yaa?
  15. This in retail??
  16. Don't know you, but congrats. Nice to hear, wish I could be in the same position you're in!
  17. Yea its a retail store
  18. when you gonna find out about dis promotion mayne?
  19. How did you get a GM position at 21?
  20. Cuz imdabes

    I have my interview in two days

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