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If I cut the leafs of my planet, will they grow back?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by PaperTherapy, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Question in title. couldn't resist it, I had to test one of the plants :p
  2. Why would you damage your girl like that...
  3. What leaves are you cutting, how many and why?
  4. I have 7 others and its my first grow.. for some reason she flowered wayy too early and I wanted to check the goods :)
    I cut all her leafs to get the buds.
  5. No, they won't grow back. I'm also a member of the camp that thinks it's counterproductive to do it, since the leaves are the "solar panels" of the plant. ;)
  6. how sad.. i guess I'll just have to throw her :\ eventhough her buds were great!
    thanks for the answer man
  7. Cutting leaves is most often counter productive, especially during flower. I only remove them if they(fan leaves) get in the way of budsites(or move them out of the way if I can).

    The mj plant stores.energy in its leaves and needs them for photosynthesis. Later in flower the plant will use the energy reserves up and the leaves will die and fall off.
  8. you did the right thing by testing only one plant. some genetics will respond better to taking leaves off, also called "defoliation", better than others. ive recently started doing this with a couple of my strains about every 2 weeks in veg, 1 week before 12/12 and again about 2 weeks into bloom during the stretch stage. works out very well for me personally but like i said, some strains/genetics respond better than others
  9. They will not grow back. She will produce more however. Chances are you even flash dried that little bud.

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