If Hitler wasn't racist...

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    Do you think people would look at him in the same light as Napoleon, maybe Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan? Would people just see him as a nationalistic man who tried to conquer Europe as many other leaders have? Or what if he never invaded anyone and just united with Austria? Would people see what he did to a failing economy and country and see him as a political mastermind? Say, take away Jews being the scapegoat, and he instead thought of some other ingenious reason for people to believe in what he said? I know take away the fear and the hatred and he might not have existed, but what if?


  2. What if the grandma had wheels....
  3. I'm glad this thought floats around here in someones head on grass city
  4. What if i wasen't poor, what if i was god, what if what if what if.

    Sure, he could of done great things, it's our decision's that make life the way it is. He decided that his ego would control him and so he decided to do what he did.
  5. what if god was one of us?
  6. I always have seen him in the same light I see those leaders in.
  7. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AFA-rOls8YA]Darth Vader vs Hitler. Epic Rap Battles of History 2 - YouTube[/ame]
  8. [quote name='"Malakiarat"']what if god was one of us?[/quote]

    What if you're God???
  9. ...he/she can't be God....I am.
  10. Step one: Proclaim to GC that I am the reincarnation of the guy who killed Hitler.

    Step two: Wait for stoner minds to put 2 and 2 together.

    Step three: Still waiting.....

    Step four: :cool:

    Step five: PROFIT!
  11. I'm going to get a lot of negativity for this but I admire Hitler. He was a very charismatic and brilliant man. I don't agree with his views but I do admire him. He was without a doubt a political mastermind.
  12. But it wasn't just the Jews, It was the handicaps, the gays, the slavs, etc... anyone non-German.
  13. i dont think thats really a valid what if man. all his conquering was not done for nationalistic purposes, yes he thought the germans were the superior people, but also only the aryan germans. everything he did was motivated to spread his master race, theres no way he would have completed what he did without that racial motivation. he killed 6 million jews, gypsys, handicapped, mentally challenged, gay, lesbian, anything.
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    Not much to say no one will agree. Man was a fucking genius mastermind.

    Your just grasping at bits and pieces of history. He had many other motivations he toke over a country just because they were rumored to have the spear of destiny. He started conquering Antarctica.

    Also you are not realizing why he started killing the jews it WAS for those purposes I know he is a racist and a fucker, But he did target the jews for a reason(At first) then used them as a scapegoat. As for the gays etc. What is the difference between him and being catholic.

    Then you think if he was left to his own devices, Why would you not want to have superior genes? He was messing with that sort of shit. Imagine what he could have done with our technology and no laws.

  15. Pretty much what this dude said.

    And to whoever admires Hitler for his political mind, look what he used it for. To become one of the biggest mass murderers in history. It's like admiring cancer for being so persistent.
  16. I do admire certain conditions, Not cancer because it is so easily destroyed. But something like Anthrax the way it works the way it kills the possibilities it could be used for its amazing.

    People can't detach from other people. But when a flower blooms because it killed and poisoned innocent bugs its "beautiful". Yes I know that's not how your average flower blooms before trolls :p

  17. Not really, as I understand it Hitler was an excellent orator, an average politician and a terrible military strategist (much of the work being done by his generals,and Hitler's interference being devastating).
  18. He was anti-semitic, Judaism isn't a race.
  19. well nowadays jews own all the banks and media soooo...jew win?
  20. That's true but he was racist, he believed Aryans were a superior race.

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