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If Hemp is High in CBD - why aren't we using hemp?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mrsoft47, Jul 21, 2009.

  1. high there,

    Just been doing some reading and became astonished at the fact that although we get no high from industrial hemp, we do get very high CBD from hemp......

    Know for those of us who suffer anxiety from dope, and from life in general and really look for some relief from dope, wouldn't it make sense for us users to either a)grow something with low anxiety or e.g Strawberry cough or B)grow some hemp which it is claimed to have 1% thc and very high CBD

    Food for thought!

    tell me what you think

    oh yes there is of course the obvious answer - we like the high, but apart from this is there any reasons not to grow or even cross a nice strain with hemp purely for the CBD etc.

  2. Yeah. CBD alone you won't get 'high' but it would be really interesting to see how it plays out with depression. It's definitely anti-anxiety.
  3. We aren't using it because most folks don't know about it, or are fond of getting high. I'm trying my best to get the word out- even did a few news articles. We need both THC and CBD.

    I believe that the anxiety/panic attacks some smokers experience is because they are getting only THC. Our cannabis is delightful to get high with, but out of balance. There are (at least) 2 types of CB receptors in our bodies- THC "trips" one type and CBD the other.

    To me it seems clear that since our body has receptors for both THC and CBD (actually they are for chemicals your body makes called endocannabinoids), we need both. Dr. Russo's work on endocannabinoid deficiency is very interesting.

    Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency

    CBD can treat a wide variety of conditions. I have a whole section on it in my list.
  4. Hemp has very high ratios of CBD to THC but really doesn't have a ton of either. One can grow strains of cannabis (non-hemp types) that have really high ratios, plenty for medication.
  5. What strains are known to have high CBD?

    In general does sativa have more CBD than indica?

  6. what is CBD ? someone phill me in plz
  7. i always thought that thcv gave some people that sort of sativa like anxiety?
  8. best i've seen going is 1.6% CBD on some green house seed strains, and apparently there is a strain or two coming from california that has up to 4% which is still not high and unfortunately the article did not mention the strain otherwise we'd all be growing it.

    My understanding of the way it works is that when you get high THC e.g most of the strains out there you trade off your CBD. search the texts on it they all point to this.

    Anyhow this is why the Australian govt allows industrial hemp to be grown in 3 states so far, because Industrial hemp is hell high in CBD and that counteracts the very low levels of THC even if you do smoke it. so I know what i'll be growing and hybridising my Strawberry Cough with later down the track :wave:

    peace all

    Get well
  9. My point was that the overall CBD level is still very low in 'industrial' hemp though the ratio is very high compared to the THC content. It would be worthless to smoke but one could do an extraction.
  10. I see your point and that's exactly what i thought! :)

    You could make an oil and mix it up with stndard smoke or if your like me who just has alot of panic attacks and anxiety you could just dose urself up on it and hopefully feel ..... less anxious.....

    +rep for arriving at the same conclusion :):wave:

  11. No, sativa's have more THC (head high), indica's have more CBD's (couch lock).
  12. well,

    i'm ordering from here, and i'm crossing it with strawberry cough eventually.......

    first gonna grow a normal Strawberry Cough, but the point is

    Vancouver Seed Bank

    they reckon this strain is low THC high (could be relative) CBD/CBN

    worth a try;)
  13. It's worth a try if both are stable strains. It all depends on who did the breeding. If they are unstable hybrids then it's a crapshoot.
  14. If i might add...

    I had to rip a male earlier and I must say, the stem of the plant was very strong and versatile for being as small as it was, I can only imagine the 12 foot tall sativas.
  15. Hell they can grow over 20' tall given the right conditions.
  16. Have you tried those new beans out? You have my full and undivided attention. CBD could very well cure my seizures.
  17. actually i've grown 2 nice size strawberry coughs since then , they still make me panicky / paranoid but if I take them with klonnopin it's nice, but my body becomes used to the klonnopin easily so I can't really smoke and take klonny's regualrly.

    I will eventually plant those beans though, i'll let ya know soon as we have good weather and a spare place in the cupboard so .....give it a few months and voila I'll report.
  18. #19 mrsoft47, Dec 3, 2009
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    oh yes I have heard it's good for seizures, many of the ebooks on the net verify this.:p if ya lived in canada ya could get sativex which is a mix of 50/50 thc/cbd from what i've heard

    Just popped five in 2nite..... we will see what happens... :)
  19. I want some of those beans! They won't ship to the U.S. :( Is it legal to ship pollen? I could use some :D

    Have you found anything on CBD extraction? sativex is approved for the U.S. or at least it will be in 2010 I think.

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