If God Exists, Why Is There So Much Pain And Suffering In The World?

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  1. It makes no sense and I really hate the answers that religious people give me to this question. Unless God thinks that suffering animals is cool...just no.
  2. Why waste your energy on topics like this?...
    Why am I wasting my time responding? Damn you!
  3. The reason is because there is no god. Why would an all knowing and all loving god need to force people to believe in him by threatening them with punishment. Why did he give us free will just to take it away? i mean the list of questions goes on and on. Why would god act like a self centered egotistical child? Why would a perfect god get angry and smite people? why would god order the slaugther of whole civilizations just to help his chosen people?
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  5. God doesn't exist  :smoking:
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    I heard a saying once. 
    "A man has a son and his son wants a skateboard. Of course the father obliges because he wants his son to be happy. So he buys the son a skateboard and he's loving it. Then one day the son falls and get hurt. The dad isn't distraught at all, the son asks "dad why would you let me get hurt? The dad replies "Because getting hurt is the only way you can get stronger son."
    Moral to the story is if their is a god maybe he's doing it so we can get stronger as people. We overcome catastrophes and we learn from them and in turn we advance as humans. 
    I'm not even religious or anything but just my 2 pennies if a god does exist,which honestly I could give a damn if he does or not. Lol your post just made me think of that story.
  7. If God exists and is infinite and has infinite wisdom that we can never comprehend, then how can we say that god just doesn't do what god want to do? This question is asked on the daily by anyone who questions their own faith or is just against religion in general. But remember, when you go out of your way to be against something you despise, you only end up becoming more like the thing you hate.

    This is just an agnostic point of view btw :wave:

    There will always be suffering not because of God, but because of the intentions of Man. We are our biggest enemy.
  8. The only arguement i have with god is the fact that his love is conditional and that it's a forced belief instead of a natural one. No god should have to make people believe in him under threat. If anything a loving god would take care of all life and give them another chance at life not eternal damnation. A loving god would understand that we make mistakes and help us up to try again.
  9. What? There's no God? God doesn't exist?
    Well, CRAP! Who do we blame for all the pain and suffering in the world? 
    Seems rather silly to blame it all on a God that doesn't even exist. 
    And while we're at it, who gets credit for all the good things when they happen?
    So many questions, and so little pizza left.
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    I have a problem with "god" creating man with free will and the knowledge that man would "sin" and then choosing to punish all of man kind  until the end of time when man exercises his free will. 
  11. God is a troll.  Think about it if you were God what would you do...troll.   Just like you like to do as a human.
  12. Religion is based on fear. Just because our ancestors believed in some sort of god does not mean that we have to believe that. We have found this wonderful thing called science that can actually give us valid answers and doesnt just say god created all this shit in 7 days.

    One thing that really bothers me is when people say stuff like "I'm just waiting for God to give me the answers" or "God has it all planned out for me". You can sit around praying for years just fucking waiting for God to change something in your life...nothing will happen. Then if something happens because of your actions people will still give God the credit. Your faith in God didn't get you where you are in your life...YOU DID! The only faith that matters in life to me is faith in myself.

    Religion nowadays is bullshit because it is based on when and where you were born. If you were born in the middle east you might be Islamic...in the U.S. you are probably Christian and so on. You are told to believe these things as a child and know no different so you believe them. It's up to you to figure out that your religion is a form of brainwashing and used to control you by setting limits on your life that dont need to be there. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't have morals but to live your life by a manmade code believing in imaginary beings is pointless.

    Why is ancient Greek mythology considered fake and imaginary if they essentially believed in gods? Relgion is just tweaked every so often and changed by its leaders without question from its followers.

    People want to believe that there is a purpose to life and that they will be rewarded for believing in some sort of god and will go to a wonderful heaven when they die. If you dont follow this made up God you will burn in the pits of hell for eternity. Im basing this mainly on Christianity but basically most religions revolve around fear.

    My sig and avatar speak for themselves too lol

    Wake up people and break the chains that are holding you down from your unnecessary religion.
  13. What does my little Puff Witt (Toy Fox Terrier)who is having painful stomach issues have to do with getting stronger?
  14. So, your dog has a tummy ache. Well that's it! PFFFT, there is no God!
  15. Why the fuck are you asking me? How about you take him to a vet instead of asking someone on GC. I said it was a story I heard once, doesn't mean that's my philosophy on the subject.
  16. :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:
    Don't worry little dudes, God is just trying to make you stronger! 
  18. She's actually suffering right now and it's quite sad to watch an animal, human or not, suffer. Of course, there countless other examples one could offer.
  19. Have you ever seen the Zeitgeist?
    Seems right up your alley.


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