if god existed what what he be or look like...

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  1. do you believe in god?
    i believe that god is every thing. imagine every galaxy, every star, every life form merged into one being. this being would have infinite energy, infinite wisdom, unimaginable creative.
    we are just a part of him/her
    what are your thoughts on god? do you thing he even exist? 

  2. Of course god exists... We are god. Everything is god. Some things might have (cough cough) turned to the other side, so I don't really count those as being a part of god, more like absolute trash, but we all know god will ultimately banish evil once and for all in the end. :bongin:
  3. Pure white light / conscious energy.  Like how all colors together make white, add all the frequencies of the infinite universe together and you're left with pure consciousness.
  4. ... well, since God is spirit, God is as invisible as your thoughts are.
  5. I would imagine that it "god" would be an amorphous blob that smells like fart water.
  6. Probably something like this

  7. God is a flying spaghetti monster
  8. I came here to be angry and say he or SHE , but you said him/her <3 <3
  9. probably like the internet
  10. He's both with and without form. Yet when we use the word God, we refer to him in his unmanifest and formless aspect.
    • God is metaphysical , beyond time, Eternal, Unborn, Uncreated, Self-existant, and withour form, feature, colour or contour. Therefore, neither can God be described or depicted, nor can anyone make an image or idols of that which is undefinable.
    • God's manifestations are universally pervasive. God cannot be confined to any particular place, land, country, religion, race, garb, body or name.
    • God is the Creator of the Universe and the laws governing it. Never can anyone be outside the ambit of these laws nor can anyone have the power to oppose them. God's Law and Justice is Righteous and Ultimate.
    • God's is pervasive in all that 'He' has created, yet God also extends beyond 'His' creations; God is thus Immanent in His Creation and at the same time Transcends it.
    • God is Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient; nothing, whether good or evil, can happen outside of the Creator's Will; God is the Creator-Sustainer-Annuller of His Creation. God is the Life of life, the Death of death, the Darkness of darkness, the Light of light.
  11. Jesus fucking christ pp , way to derail the thread like a motherfucking warrior.
    God doesn't look like anything and looks like everything at the same time. I didn't derail shit. God can't be described in the entirety simply through association with sensory objects.
  13. Battle of the gods
  14. Are you talking about a God as in the creator of all? Or a "God" as in the engineer of man? Because I think they are two completely different things.
    This is what my engineer looks like. A dope smoking grey genius....
  15. If you looked directly at GOD you'd probably blow up
  16. I see god every single time I look into a mirror :bongin:
    Misusing labels won't get you anywhere...
  18. Naw bro, thats Shmiffle... He da homie

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