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If cannabis has anti-cancer properties, why did Bob Marley die?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cool hwhip, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. Again, not saying it does not help with symptoms and getting along through treatment. But it is not a cure, it would be in every medical book if it cured cancer. It's cancer, one in four of us will die from it. It's a very common disease that already exists in us. It's a matter if it wants to come out and play. There are other studies that have been done showing other promising results for curing cancer. Can't get links cause I am on my phone. But bud is not a cure, but an aide
  2. Well it does slightly help, but not enough to make a dramatic difference.
  3. The same tests were done on plant cells. The cancerous cells were killed by THC. Like Janice says, Tommy Chong along with many others have been cured by the Rick Simpson treatment.
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    The problem with "modern" weed is that it is cultivated and bred to produce huge amounts of THC in the interest of getting high and becoming paranoid.

    The higher the THC content the lower the content of cannabidiol and other naturally occurring constituents that have beneficial effects.

    Naturally grown marijuana, without the all day all night lighting et cetera contains many beneficial contents, some of which are anti psychotics, some of which retard the development of cancers some of which enhance relaxation and some of the most important of which kill pain.

    The stuff still gets you high but not stupidly so and has no paranoia effects whatsoever.

    What we need is weed that grows the way it is supposed to instead of the hydroponically grown, heavily lighted and specially bred power stone products that are available these days.

    The many other benefits of marijuana are greatly degraded by the quest for more THC.
  5. He had melanoma which many advanced medical cures can't treat. Why would smoking any sort of plant be able to do better?

    However in his case the cancer would have been treatable because didn't they find it before it spread?
  6. [quote name='"brodog"']He had melanoma which many advanced medical cures can't treat. Why would smoking any sort of plant be able to do better?

    However in his case the cancer would have been treatable because didn't they find it before it spread?[/quote]

    They did. He chose not to treat it. He sealed his own grave.
  7. Weed isn't a magical cure. It does work for some people and conditions, but not for everything. To be honest, the healing properties of marijuana seem to be somewhat exaggerated IMO.
  8. [quote name='"KushMastaFlex"']Weed isn't a magical cure. It does work for some people and conditions, but not for everything. To be honest, the healing properties of marijuana seem to be somewhat exaggerated IMO.[/quote]

    They are. And people forget a large portion of it's medical benefits come from cbd and cbn in the plant, not just thc.

  9. I LOL'd at you when you said "todays" weed gets your more paranoid...lmao
  10. Cannabis has it's uses just like anything has it's uses, with cancer especially there's no full proof way to stop it. There's ways to slim your chances of getting it especially eating a healthy diet but it can still happen to anybody
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    Just an FYI, my mother was killed by chemo, NOT by the cancer they were treating, I was there and her doctor was poo pooed big time by the hospital for insisting that the cause of death be listed as cancer TREATMENT.

    Chemo is poison, pure and simple, it is based on a very old assumption, that bringing the body close to death will kill the weaker cancer cells before the healthy ones, which is correct.

    What is DEAD WRONG about chemo is the fact that all it does is poison the body, without the complimentary treatments that ancient healers used, most of which consisted of the inner bark of the yew tree, which is the basic chemical component of Taxol, an extremely effective cancer killing agent, along with adding simple bitters such as almonds, seeds (most predominantly apple and hemp seeds) anise and wormwood.

    To anybody out there who "believes" in the "conventional" treatments of cancer please keep in mind that the only reason that a hospital cannot CURE you of your cancer is because almost one hundred percent of the money that people work their asses off every year raising through charities, is spent on researching
    .... wait for it

    Not one red cent is spent on researching actual cures, cancer is the cash cow of modern medicine, the goose that lays the golden eggs and NO doctor, hospital, government or pharmaceutical company will allow an actual cure to be recognized or utilized.

    It is a simple as that.

    As far as marijuana is concerned, regardless of the recent proofs that have been published, people have known that cannabis fights (I said "fights" not "cures") cancer for decades, if not longer.

    It is only because of recent and massive paradigm shifts in political will in the United States, (the 2012 election is the most recent indication) that even discussing the benefits of marijuana has been allowed at all.

    There are literally dozens of actual, effective treatments AND cures for cancer out there, most have been brushed under the rug and the doctors who discovered them discounted and publicly shamed as a result of publishing of their work, all in the interest of preserving the status quo and big profits for big businesses.

    Heads have to start coming out of asses on this world.
  12. I don't like how these studies came out, now we got fools claiming weed cures cancer

  13. Dude that entire article is bullshit. some of its true like munchies, and shit but the rest is made up. there are definately no "Burned-out" teens laying around from ONLY smoking wtf I can't believe they even put that ! :cool: mannng I smoke and feel like i'm in my peak physical form !
  14. Cannabis will not cure cancer, especially when smoked, you get all the detrimental chems as well. With Marley it also had to do with the fact that his cancer started as melanoma, there are few blood vessels close to the surface of the skin and the ones that are there are probably receiving very tiny amounts of THC.
  15. [quote name='"c2k5"']Why doesn't my bullet proof vest stop rpgs?[/quote]

  16. [quote name='"CAPT.CHRONIC420"']

    "Surviving an attempt on his life by a well-armed death squad at his Hope Road home in Jamaica, Bob Marley was later given a ‘gift’ of a new pair of boots by Carl Colby, son of the late CIA director William Colby. When the unsuspecting Marley put them on, something pricked his foot. He then reached into one of the boots and pulled out a piece of copper wire. Many of his closest friends suspected that the wire contained some carcinogenic and radioactive substance, since Marley contracted cancer shortly thereafter."

    "It was discovered that a cancerous growth identified in his toe in 1977 had been slowly spreading through his vital organs and was now infecting his brain (Marley had refused treatment after the initial diagnosis, since the amputation necessary to remove the growth was in conflict with his Rastafarian beliefs). A final performance was undertaken in Pittsburgh."

    "Marley performed his last concert at Pittsburgh, where he collapsed onstage and was brought to Sloan-Kettering Hospital in New York City. Cancer was discovered in his toe years before and had spread throughout his body, weakening his physical state. Due to his religious beliefs, he had chosen not to have his cancerous toe amputated. Sloan-Kettering Hospital misdiagnosed Marley, and the cancer itself reached a terminal stage. Marley later died because of it in 1981, on route to Jamaica."

    After the cancer spread throughout the body and was diagnosed in 1977, he still managed to survived with a brain tumor for another 3 years, while singing on tour, before dying in 1980. Weed alone battled his illness, but we can only imagine what crazy bacteria the CIA pricked him with.

    This is all very plausible due to witness testimonies, not to mention the attack at his home on Hope Road that he survived. If you do some research on that incident, it was an organized ambush by professionals with fully automatic weapons and pistols. Not only was Bob shot, but his wife Rita was also shot, along with manager Don Taylor and Lewis Griffiths, a member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.

    "Journalist Leslie Miles, who at the time was entertainment writer for the Daily News, witnessed and reported on the incident which took place around 9:30 pm. It occurred while Marley and his Wailers Band were rehearsing for the show."

    Rita and Leslie were leaving the house in their VW van when they heard the shots and when they started to drive, they were shot by more than 1 shooter before shooters fled towards the house. It was a well organized attack by at least 4 gunmen...

    Going back to surviving with brain cancer... While my brother was at Sloan Kettering, he had a neighbor for 6 months that had a brain tumor also. It was only in his brain, not metastasized from anywhere else and he battled it for 2 years before dying. His life was miserable. He was always in pain not to mention some times he would go temporarily insane. Bob had cancer in his whole body. If you get cancer in your toe and it ends up in your head, it didn't just pass through your whole body, it spread through your whole body.

    He didn't have anything to do with western medicine. All he did was eat healthy every day and smoked God's plant and survived happily (way more happy than any chemo patient), singing on tour for 3 years. That sounds like "anti-cancer" to me. No if's or but's.

    It's important for you to understand how he died. Not just why, but how! Clearly the pot was fighting the cancer. It may not have overcome it, but it surely fought it. Do you know what cancer patients are given to prevent metastasis? Do you know what cancer patients are given post op of metastasized tumors to prevent them from reoccurring? Their main drug...

    Chemotherapy, which is a fancy word for poison. Not much different than nerve gas, these chemicals are so toxic that if they are spilled, nurses have to call in a bomb squad to remove the toxins because if you touch it you can get skin cancer!

    I'm sure many of you know this, but did you know what the #1 medicine is that doctors use to fight the effects of chemotherapy?

    Marinol, which many say is a "synthetic" form of marijuana. When I think of synthetic, I think of an artificial preparation of the same ingredients to render into pill form. That's not the case with marinol. Marinol is only 1 of 69 cannabinoids in cannabis.

    If you've heard about the experiments involving rats and cannabis, scientists have discovered that THC is the leading cannabinoid that fights the tumors. But, this is not the CBD that is in Marinol, the legal "synthetic" form of marijuana. What if Marinol had all cannabinoids?

    It doesn't take much to realize that weed is illegal for all the reasons it should be legal and WAS. Big Pharma would hate for us to start growing our own medicine! So Big Brother backs them and influences the FDA and DEA to prevent cures to be developed. There's plenty of evidence to support this.

    If you still don't think Bob was killed by the Illuminati, then maybe you should pay more attention to the lyrics in his music instead of just dancing to the beats. Many artists have followed in his foot steps and tried to speak out and they too were killed... or excuse me, officially died of "drug overdose." LOL

    WAKE UP BROS[/quote]

    This also.
  17. ? Smoke has carcinogens. Whether it is pot or paper, burning something WILL release carcinogens. denying that fact just because you like pot is just as diluted as the illegality itself.

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