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If cannabis has anti-cancer properties, why did Bob Marley die?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cool hwhip, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. So in recent years it's been established by studies that cannabis has anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties, and even in long term users there is no increased risk of lung cancer. My question is, if cannabis tends to retard cancer growth and kill off cells before they can become malignant, why did Bob Marley get cancer in the first place? And why didn't his heavy marijuana use prevent the cancer from spreading? I realize he lived for like 4 years without any proper treatment, but still, this has always puzzled me.
  2. He had a brain tumor And cancer in the brain, lung and stomach.

    It didn't matter how much weed he smoked. It's not magical, no matter how much we believe it is.
  3. Depends on the cancer
  4. im just waiting for the day when they legalize cannabis in cali and some scientist there makes a cure for cancer from it..that will be a good day in my book
  5. Why do people who never smoked weed get cancer?

    The cause was something else, and cannabis isnt a cure. Studies show that it can reduce the size of tumors, not cancer. It just hasnt been linked to cancer

  6. It started in his toe, and then spread elsewhere. If marijuana supposedly prevents cells from becoming cancerous, I would think that it would have prevented it from spreading or forming at all.

    I realize weed isn't magical, but still, it doesn't seem like it did any good at all in Bob Marley's case.
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    just because there are properties of marijuana that can be beneficial in treating cancer, it doesn't mean its a 100% cure.

    Not all treatments are the same for everyone. Expecting a treatment to work on 100% of patients is just being ignorant to facts.

  8. He did live four years after he had these.

    That's pretty amazing.
  9. You get most of the anti-cancer effects from edibles and stuff I'm sure smoking weed doesnt always have all the good cannabinoids to reverse cancer growth
  10. You never know. It could have gave him a year or so. It just wasnt going to save his life
  11. And cannabis can cause cancer...apparently most of you weren't paying attention when you were watching "The Union" if you smoke from a bowl or bong you're inhaling heated plant material which will release the cancer causing agents, however by using an ionizer or some type of cannabis treat(cookies, candy etc) where you aren't actually inhaling smoke but vapor or eating the THC.

  12. The tashkin study from a few years back showed no link between smoking cannabis and lung cancer, even in heavy and long term users.
  13. maybe it doesnt kill the cancer/tumor cells, but helps to slow the growth. If he lived for 4 years, without any treatment, thats damn impressive in my book. People with treatments still get sick, but damn. What i think it is, is that he smoked enough weed to succesfully slow the growth

  14. The union said cannabis does not cause cancer, theres never been one case of it. Watch it more carefully buddy, blaze on :p
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    ^ Has no idea what he is talking about.

    To OP I never knew that cannabis had anti-cancer properties so thankyou for informing this, as others said of course it won't cure it 100% but maybe help when its first starting. Also as someone else stated, he did live for 4 years with cancer.
  16. He was a rastafarian and refused to have his foot amputated. If he had it amputated, the cancer would not have become malignant and spread. It was his choice to pass away at such a young age.

    I'm sure marijuana eased his pain and made his life much easier while he had the disease.
  17. Unfortunately, with cancer, think there are just too many unpredictable elements involved, not to mention the several different strains (no pun intended) of the disease. That, and think that although marijuana does have a whole host of healing/soothing qualities--many I'm sure that we don't even know about yet--like all medicine, it isn't a guaruntee or antidote, sadly.
  18. Smoking weed can give you cancer. Smoking anything can give you cancer. SMOKING GIVES YOU CANCER. When you inhale ANY kind of smoke you're inhaling carcinogens.. so don't even try to say smoking the ganj can't cause it.. *rolls eyes*

    However vaporizers eliminate this risk completely.

  19. Find one case where marijuana ALONE was identified as the cause of cancer. I highlighted the operative word for you.

  20. Actually he does. It's quite accepted in the medical field that anything you smoke can cause cancer. Whether or not weed is the direct cause of certain cancers, has not yet been discovered. The inhalation of smoke however, has been proven to cause certain cancers. Cannabis does not contain cancer fighting agents, it contains tumor reducing properties. Just word of advice, don't trust the word from any human 100%. Even what I just told you could be wrong or proven wrong someday (you won't know unless you do the research). Do the research for yourself, use NIDA or NIH or NIAAA as resources duuuude. peace:smoke:

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