If Cannabis Did Not Smell So Strong It Would Probably Be Accepted

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  1. I think if weed did not smell so strong and pungent it would be a lot more accepted in society especially among women, I mean I know some women that when they smell weed they actually make a puking up sound and run away.
    Its a lovely smell I think but not every one seems to think so. Just think if it was odorless it would not cause half as much trouble.
    Why do women hate the smell so much anyway. Its like their offended by it lol? 

  2. because they are dumb and believe that the smell alone will get them high and kill their precious brain cells.
  3. Yep, pretty much, my sister in law was over at xmas just gone and we got on to the subject of cannabis and when my brother told her I smoke weed every single day (thanks for that bro lol) not that I care its just a bit award sometimes when you cant be bothered with the bs.
    Anyway she said something like 'really how do you get up in the morning' then followed by 'do you know your killing your brain cells'
    I would normally go into to full scale assassination of her world as soon as brainwashed propaganda bs like this was mentioned but it was xmas and my mother stopped me before I had the chance.
  4. Cigarette smoke is disgusting and I'm pretty sure I have seen females smoking cigs before...
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    i really just think its a problem of association
    ppl are taught smoking weed is bad... ppl than smell it and react to it as if its repugnant 
    if they smelled it without having any prior knowledge of weed than we would be able to see how people actually feel about the smell
    ive seen people cover their nose and run out of a store in a rush because i reeked... but ehh w/e
    their ignorance isnt my problem
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    Interestingly enough, I've known just as many guys who were be offended by the smell or by canna in general. :p
      But women face an interesting challenge when it comes to their 'perceived appearances', as smokers.
     As if all the other stigmas against smoking weren't already enough, consider the fact that not only do tons of men hate it when women smoke cannabis, but also, where women and their appearances are held to higher standards, sometimes men dislike women smokers, even if they're smokers themselves.... it's so common, that guys here, on a cannabis forum, make the thread every few weeks/months! That isn't a particular judgement issue that you'll run into very often, going the other way around.
     It's similar to sex. When guys do it, they're champs; when women do it, they're sluts. When guys take an impressively-sized bong hit, a certain number of people applaud. When a woman does it, for whatever reason, some of the very same people who applauded the men find it unattractive or unappealing.
     So considering that women smokers need to get over all the same exact stigmas against cannabis that men have to overcome, and considering those negative connotations are also compounded by the gravity of the double standards women face when it comes to smoking, it's not really all that surprising that you'll run into a few women who act that way!
     Sometimes it's just the stigma alone, and like many men, they react out of past pressure to feel a certain way towards cannabis, or they react how they think people in general feel, or they should feel about it. But sometimes they can overreact due to the way that a partner or bf, possibly even a smoker, has made them feel about it! If you really liked the girl to start with, it can be worth cutting her some slack on the chance she's putting on a front. You never know if she's just made it seem like she feels poorly about cannabis, because she thinks that as a man, that's how you expect her to feel. There's always a chance you can teach her the ropes.
     If a girl you really like (or if you thought liked you, until you mentioned herb) gives you a hard time about it, even just a simple, "oh, well that's too bad, it's pretty relaxing and more tame than alcohol, and personally I thought you'd look hot with a bong," can go a long way towards curing and undoing some of the brainwashing she's undergone. Especially if she liked you, and if before it came up you'd already bucked her idea of a stoner stereotype, which disproves some of the myths from the get-go. :p
     Heck, if she's not acting too grossed out about it, it could just be the same way some girls react over the thought of having dessert in front of a man, even if he's eating the same thing. Take offering a woman chocolate cake, at the end of a meal on a first date, for instance... pretending they don't want a slice at first, so they don't look like a pig, then later when they give in after five minutes it seems like they're doing you a favor. It puts them that much more at ease, when they realize you won't think they're gross for it. Ah, courtship. It makes us silly sometimes. :)
     And sometimes women, like people in general, are just b-words.... and if they just don't like you, they'll judge whatever it is you're doing and point out how gross and unappealing it is. :D
  7. Freshly burnt weed smells way better than burning the tar stuff that gets left behind from a pipe for example. That said, someone I know who is female and does not like to smoke entertained the idea for one time and all she could say to deter her self from doing it was that it smells. I wonder if a vape would eliminate this concern that some people have of the smell. 
  8. I think some people are over analizing

    Its a strong smell. Some people like it some dont.

    Like fish or onion.

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  9. If cannabis didn't smell, I don't think I'd love it as much. Smells are huge for mood and since I associate weed with happy, and I love being happy.

    Lol idk I'm high. (I love saying that too, that kind of reminds me of the smell, and then I get happy again!)
  10. While almost every stoner enjoys the smell, it is similar to skunk, obviously wwhich is a seperating factor for why people think it is bad

    Ie. They think it kills brain cells, smells gross, and makes people lazy.
  11. I think weed is already pretty accepted among people, at least nowadays anyway. Where I live everyone smokes. And when someone smells a bag of weed, it's usually followed by "where the weed at?!". 
  12. Less than 15% of people in my area use cannabis regularly. The smell has very little to do with it. Like others have said, people are simply hostile to cannabis due to indoctrination. I think they are also afraid of its potent psychoactive effects. For the acute user it's a lot more intense of an experience than wine or tobacco, for sure. This could also explain why shrooms, LSD, and mescaline are unpopular despite their safety. The high, from what they are told, is intense and frankly intimidating...the experience is too frightening, and so they rarely rinse or repeat.
  13. I wish I lived near you. But not every area is like that.
  14. Smell is not an excuse if we allow ciggs!!!
  15. I think they've just been brainwashed.
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    Haha I think I have to agree with OP here.  I know some anti-weed people that just bitch and won't shut the fuck up about it when they "smell pot" being smoked. 
    Its like a green light for them to start spewing their anti-drug bullshit
  17. I love the smell of weed personally. I know some people who don't like the smell but its turned out a lot of them have only smelled really stanky skunky stuff. If they smell some lemon kush or something they'll be okay with it.
  18. I agree except the part about women, because everyone has a smell they dislike. I know more men who hate the smell than woman so.
    yep thats true i hate hearing thier bullshit about how im a dumbass cause i smoke weed
    I may be old, and old-school in a lot of ways, but I think there's nothing better than to be involved with a woman who smokes. The sex alone when both parties are high makes it worth it! :D

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