If Atheism is considered a faith or a form of "religion",

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  1. Could we have it established as such and get tax money as well?
  2. Hmm.. Politics section might be able to help you out a little more than us here at the S&P. We tend to be less concerned with the government and jumping through it's many loopholes. :smoke:

  3. I have pondered this idea as well...
  4. Let's start up the first atheist church and file for tax exempt status and make mad bank.
  5. I would rather go the other way and tax churches and such. They are obviously influencing the system, they should pay to play.
  6. True that, holmes.
  7. It if makes you feel better, every chuch today is full of those who do not know God.
  8. I'd say it is neither faith nor religion. It simply is something else...not allowing oneself to believe blindly, but also not "grouping" yourself into a "religion" or organization.

    Atheist Sam Harris believes the word "atheist" really shouldn't exist as it does today, as we are all atheists with respect to certain gods. Some just go one god further...
  9. We're joking at the fact that theists call atheism a religion.
  10. Religion does not exist in the sense that you "believe" in it.

    What we believe in is "a truth".

    The real questions are, (in sequence):
    1. Does a "truth" exist?
    2. If so, can one know the "truth"?
    3. If so, how can you be certain you know it?
  11. Ah, so not only do atheists lack a belief in the metaphysical, they also lack a sense of humor. Intriguing :smoke:
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