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if a cop pulls you over or something....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stuntindaddy, May 25, 2010.

  1. and you are high, but dont have weed on you... what can he do? what type of trouble can you get in. like if you are high as a plane and reek of weed and are completely out of it, and he knows you have been smoking marijuana, but cant find any on you... what are the consequences, if any??

    by the way, i live in jersey. idk if the rules are different here...
  2. i believe theyll get you for public intoxication or something like that
    my friend just got a few hours community service thats about it
  3. New Jersey - NORML

    Most of the time if you can pass a sobriety test there's not much he can do.
  4. They'd probably hit you you up with a public intoxication or DWI, but they can't do anything about weed if you don't have any on you. But be warned, in some states cops CAN search your car if they smell weed or have reasonable belief you're in possession of some.
  5. if he/she has any reason to believe you might be under the influence of any drug he/she can search your vehicle. he/she can also give you one of the many sobriety tests they have. they could bring you in and make you take an official test if they so choose. it really depends on the officer and how much of a dick they would like to be.

  6. Sounds dumb but I've never looked this up before, and I live in NJ :rolleyes:
  7. what sobriety tests for weed do they use?
  8. The same as they would for alcohol I believe.
  9. well if the officer is really an asshole he can piss test u and if ur positive then they can give u DUI, which is a felony
  10. That would just prove you've smoked within the last 30 days, not two hours.
  11. law enforcement these days...

  12. ya thats true but they dont care they will still slap u with a DUI.

  13. You can argue that with a judge if you want, you'll lose...
  14. I've seen a weed sobriety test where they test your eyesight tracking a pen. When you are high your eyes tend to make little jumps when tracking that they don't when sober.

  15. nah thats with alcohol and its really easy to pass unless ur completely shit faced in which case u shouldnt be driving
  16. Nah they use it for weed too and they think it works well. It doesn't. Any frequent smoker can overcome that detriment and beat the test. I made sure I could do it just in case.

    Yup. In my state (Michigan) and 10 others having smoked in 30 days of driving (testing positive for thc metabolites) is drugged driving and will get you arrested. Recently Obama unveiled a drug policy that encourages other states to take on these per se drugged driving laws. Clearly the message isn't getting through to Washington that THC metabolites do not impair drivers.
  17. Depends on where you live, but in general if you can't pass a sobriety test, you may be charged with a DUI or DWI....but if you don't have anything on you, they can't charge you with possession or anything like that.
  18. I think its funny how they ask you to repeat the alphabet backwards to see if your drunk / stoned. I can't even do that sober :( And im pretty smart lmfao.
  19. That's funny. I've actually thought about that on several occasions and tried to do it sober. I can't either without first repeating each line of the song in my head and then reading it backwards. Takes a while but I think it would get me through in a pinch. Pretty sure I couldn't even do that much drunk and most people couldn't either.
  20. Last November I got slapped with Dui-Metabolite

    still fighting it in court

    I was changin my oil, smoking a bowl with the windows down in my car, I leave to go to the grocery store 5 hours later and the cop says he smells pot, asks me for a breathalyzer, field sobriety test, all of which I passed. Then the fucker asks for a blood test. I said No, got detained for 2 hours, meanwhile, and was forced to give a blood test by a warrant from a judge. I got booked out, and im still facing the court, so far I have came out on top, and an attorney said he would take the whole case for a thousand dollars which I payed him, and I dont know how it will be....I live in Utah

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