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  1. This is kind of of long story but I'll try and stick to the point. So last night I went to my brothers place to hangout and get fucked up. He has 3 roommates: his significant other, Lisa, and Tori (fake names). So after hanging out for a few hours (and by this point we were all very shitfaced) Lisa got upset and went outside. My brother and his significant other went out to talk to her so I decided to go lie down in my brothers bedroom. After a little while they all came back in and even though I didn't know it at the time, the reason Lisa was upset was because of her abusive relationship with some guy. Now this is where things start getting interesting. A little while after they came back inside my brother and Lisa came into the room where I was lying down and told me that I should go sleep in Lisa's bed because she doesn't mind and that she'd sleep next to me when she went to bed. And so of course I got up and went a long with it. So I listened to them talk down stairs for the next 20 mins or so and them I heard them call Lisa's abusive boyfriend (drunken call making) and then hang up. So then Lisa's bf said he was coming over in a few hours so I had to get out of her bed (at this point Tori had left the house to go to a club). I decided to go back down stairs after having to get out of Lisa's bed and we all decided to go on a walk. Throughout the walk me and her stuck close together and had small talk. At certain points there was a little bit of touching, but nothing directly sexual. After we went inside we walked my shit faced brother and his signif. other up the stairs and to bed. Then she handed me my watch and went upstairs and I slept on the couch. Another detail to add: Throughout the night while I was upstairs I could hear my name being mentioned and some questionable things but nothing that full revealed that Lisa was interested. The next morning I was so confused.

    What do you guys think of this? Was I about to get laid or am I tripping. Really need some feedback, Thanks!
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  2. You should get her number, text her a little bit, then fuck her.......which you should/could of done.
  3. She lifted your watch. She could've picked your pocket too.
    She's got a boyfriend.
    You'd be sorry. She'd leave you more confused than you already are.
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  4. I was hoping for a more interesting story tbh.
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  6. Lmfao you wasn't about to get laid what makes you think you was? You've basically told us you got drunk and went on a walk :confused_2:
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  7. You're trippin
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  8. Lol drunk thots told you to go sleep in thotiannas bed like she was going to fuck you then called her bf and kicked you out? You went on a walk and boosted her confidence to get beat by her boyfriend again and got finessed for s watch she was probably going to give to her Bf. She'll probably say you raped her too.

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  9. Why would you want to get involved in this bullshit?
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  10. Thotianna lol omg
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  11. Wait - why on earth did she have your watch??

    "decided to go back down stairs after having to get out of Lisa's bed and we all decided to go on a walk"

    Last thing I do once I'm in bed is to decide to get up and go for a walk lol

    Dude, she's got a boyfriend. Better leave well enough alone and get your own unattached lady.

    My thoughts anyhow. I'm still curious as to why she had your watch lol

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  12. Think about the power that women, in our society, possess.. Any woman that is in an abusive relationship, enjoys the abuse, to some extent and if she did not, she would leave, its just that simple.. The reason they do not leave is convenience and I ain't into dating some 7-11 bitch.

    Lisa is a 7-11 bitch, just clinging to whatever is convenient.
  13. As someone already said, just teke phone number, some texting and then: "action"! :)

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