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    in this pic the the north branch is yellowing 2nd and 3rd from the left. I have no clue about it. I'm in week 3 n I feel like my plant growing a lil slow. Also the branches on the west and east stems are purple is this fixable at this stage?



    Above I guess root rot? Looking on advice on best products. Hydroguard, shark,....?...

    Shud I start over?

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  2. It might be root rot. How often are you watering it?
  3. Toss the hydro and learn to grow in soil first. Unless you have some help or experience, hydro isn't the place for a new grower to start. The plant looks fine to me. The purple means nothing. If you're growing an Indica strain, the growth IS slow. They are a shorter, more bushy and grow slower IMO. The wattage of your light also has a lot to do with the speed they grow. You might have some root rot going on too....another fine reason to toss that setup. LOL Good luck. Find one of the hydro people on here to help you out. Lots of them who are killer good on here and always willing to help. Hope you figure it out. TWW
  4. Nothing wrong with cutting your teeth on hydro pal. Pretty much the same principles apply as growing in soil so don't be put off.

    Your plant looks fine above the surface and the above poster is right that the light you use and how close it is will have a big impact on growth. As will water, nutrients and CO2, just like in soil.

    To establish why your roots look funky what nutes are you using? What is your ppm/EC? What is your pH? Are your roots getting oxygen?

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  5. I need advice not for you to promote soil I know it's dwc folks on here that's why I asked... soil is easy to grow why waste the time when you want to control everything.

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  6. Yea I did extensive research b4 doing hydro or soil...

    With the ligh I have it abt 24 inches wen I had it closer the leaves drooped

    Got a 600w that I can adjust viraspectra par700
    Using cyco nutes

    I try to keep my ph around 6, ppm is 374 at the time, week 3 and water temp benen averaging 71 degrees but I'm trying to get under 69 degrees

    And I'm using bubbleponics so bubbles are consistent I can't really say if it's gettin enough but I don't see why not if I'm constantly pumping air into it.

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  7. It's dwc so it lives in water

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  8. You're set up all sounds spot on so i'm not sure about the roots. Maybe light is getting to them? You could try using an enzyme to help break down the dead roots

    Also, you judge your grow of course but with your light at that distance you achieve half the light intensity hitting your plant to if you can bring it to 16 inches. That means you can double the photosynthetic potential of your light by bringing it 8 inches closer and keep the temps in check
  9. Ok gotcha

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  10. lol, really?
  11. Exactly my thought, someone's clearly not seen a DWC setup before :rolleyes:
  12. You said you're keeping the pH at 6, does that mean it barely fluctuates at all?
    It might cause problems with nutrient lockout and uptake. It's desirable to let the pH fluctuate slightly between 5.5 to 6.0 (as a general guideline, do your own research on pH and nute availability/lockout).

    Keeping it at 6 might halt uptake of phosphorus and potassium as those start to become unavailable around pH 6.
    And something like zinc isn't available up around 6, you need to get lower around pH 5.6 for it to become available.
    Some stuff is best available all the way down to around 5.3.

    I'm not suggesting you let your pH fluctuate a lot, that's not good. But small variations over time is certainly beneficial!
    6.0 is probably the highest you want to go, if it gets up to just 6.2 it will have quite a negative impact on nute uptake.
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  13. Thank you much needed info... wats the best way to keep water temp down no chiller

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    With regrds to pH you should really watch this video:
    This guy knows what he is talking about and if I recall correctly he does mention pH fluctuations in that video. At least he explains a lot of useful stuff that any grower should know.

    Your pot is black which means it will absorb light and thus heat. (Or to be more correct the pot evenly absorbs wavelengths of the visible spectrum making it appear black... and it does absorb infrared radiation as well = heat!)
    I'm fairly confident that if you wrap most of the pot (top and around it) with some white paper it will help reduce temperatures by a bit, or even better wrap it in mylar!

    You could also try to wrap a wet towel tightly around the pot. When the water evaporates from the towel it will remove heat from the pot. It's important to wrap it tightly, and preferable to use a black or dark coloured towel as that will speed up evaporation. It's also important that there's good ventilation as that speeds up the process as well.
    Costs nada to try except a bit of time, worth a try! (If you want to know why that might work read about thermodynamics)
  15. Awwww man thank you zpdr I will hit u for advice whenever for a second opinion.

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