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  1. I was home alone smoking, when 2 old friends from my neighborhood called and asked to hang out. I invited them over and we were smoking on my deck and i got up to go get a drink and my wallet fell out of my pocket and on my chair. I didnt notice but when i came outside i saw it on the chair so then i grabbed it and opened it, and 20 bucks was missing. One of them has been known to steal money and the other one is kinda sketchy. I asked them both where my 20 was continuously but they said they didnt have it. I know one of them stole it. How would 20 bucks magically fly out of my wallet. Idk what to do
  2. take it as a loss, and lesson learned. sometimes it's better to just hang out by yourself :confused_2:
  3. yeah i guess. And i only had 40 in my wallet, so did they think i wouldnt notice
  4. Find out who did it and beat his ass.
  5. That's some shit. Invite people to your own house to smoke and they take your cash haha wow dude
  6. Whoop both of their asses, take your money back, plus 20 more from whatever jackass took it...
  7. Just take this as a lesson on who you should not be hanging out with. Karma will come around. No need to get all medieval on em' over a Jackson face. You asked, they denied. Nothing more you can do. Just don't ever talk to them again.
  8. Ask the internet!

    Whip some ass

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  9. i would have checked every possible hiding spot they could have hidden it on their bodies or clothes.... dont be a pushover dude. if you knew they took it, you should have searched them instead of just asking them nicely if they took it. obviously they wouldnt just admit to it.
  10. Did they supply the bud or did you?

    If it was you then don't hang with them again they fucked you over when you were already being generous.

    If they supplied give them another chance sadly I know people who I wouldn't trust alone with my wallet yet still hang out with because they're fun to party with

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