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  1. But im looking forward to getting fried and playing no man's sky
  2. me too bro.
  3. Hopefuly someone can make me feel better about this.

    Now the idea of a practically infinite gaming universe does seem enticing, It has been done before and I fear this will end up in a similar fassion.

    There are two games I'd like to talk about.

    The first game is .Hack
    .hack had a dungeon generation system that allowed for a practically infinite number of dungeons to explore. But the game.itself wwas still finite. The same game got old after a while.

    Minecraft is my other example. No matter how infinite the world or how many mods I add, I'm still playing minecraft. After a while I got bored.

    Looking at trailers from this game, it seems like a sort of space pvp/shooter with a huge mmo feel

    Regardless of the infinite planets to explore, will this game continue to be fun?

    I hope so because I plan to fork over the money upon release :lol::D:lol:

  4. Well in my opinion the draw to the game is the endless possibilities of animals and ships and weapons that makes the game exciting. Also, I'm a bio-zoology major so that right of the bat makes me googily eyed(i love animals). Anyway, the features keep coming (check the reddit page with all of them, they'll make you're mouth water). You can play in different ways, you can either be a badass alien slayer and fighting sentinals that try stopping you, a trader getting amazing weapons, or just an explorer who goes and discovers new animals and naming them for other gamers to see (maybe not because there are more than a trillion planets). I feel its worth the investment. And knowing how boring mincraft gets is because minecraft had no goal whatsoever. This one theres the center of the universe and the endless species of creatures that we have only seen like .0000000000000000001% of. Makes my mouth water.
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    Can't wait for this game
  6. Duuuuude I've been hyped for months for this game, is one of the reasons I got my ps4 (I know its coming to pc too).

    As someone who grew up watching the vhs collection of Carl Sagan's Cosmos and lots of sci-fi books/movies under my belt I am so happy this game is coming out!

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