idk about you, but i find this sweeeeeeet.

Discussion in 'General' started by SativaLovee, Oct 15, 2009.

  1. Those pictures need more smoke and tit.

  2. A video would make a better case. I'm pretty good at picking out a shoop, but you never know. Also, I look forward to losing. I hate trolls and to find out that you guys are indeed not will be refreshing.
  3. You're chill :] I like the way you think haha
  4. i think someone *cough*rock4light*cough* just wants to see some more pictures to have himself a better night if ya know what im sayinnn:eek:
  5. No he's just a /b/tard. Anyhow,

    these girls are super fucken chill, I'd smoke a J with them anyday. :smoking:

    Also, congratulations on being featured, you look great together.
  6. Yall need to quit bickering over bullshit.

    Say something nice or dont say anything at all, simple.
    There you are sir rock4light, it seems like I have won your challenge? I believe so...:devious:

    i have like two pictures, but my sister will be posting up the rest!

    [enjoy the pictures rock4light! lol.]

    haha my sister was smokin the joint, didnt know i took that picture hahaha.

  8. heres the pics to prove were twins.
    im on the left, my sis is on the right.

    rock4light your challenge has been beat:devious:
    now here you go...

  9. if you have a problem with the bickering, then dont post on this thread please, no offense.
    Obviously everyone is starting to get a kick out of itt. :p

  10. HAHAHA yu betchhhhh. <33
  11. Daym you 2 are gorgeous.

    sorry but i had to post it up on my youtube account because it wouldn't let me post it up on here.
    the file extention wont work on GC.

    [ame=""]YouTube - pussymoneyweed[/ame]
  13. thaaaankssss
  14. Honestly wow lol
    I hate being like everyone in this thread, but you two are both gorgeous and seem super bomb haha.
    Id definitely burn one down with you two =P

    and congrats on the pic
  15. i second thiss:D

    keep on burnin ladies:smoking:
  16. haha oh we will keep on burning, like its our job until the day we die. :smoking: :D

  17. ThankkYouuu!:smoke:
    ahh and hendrix and graffiti <333
  18. SativaLovee You're the shit and it's awesome that you were chosen =]
  19. Well she delivered, guess she'll have a full bar of rep by the end of the month now
  20. my sister and I did all this together, just having fun and enjoying GC and the bud that we have smoked through this .. haha

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