idk about you, but i find this sweeeeeeet.

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  1. my sister and I, haha I just think this is awesome how we got chosen out of hundreds of girls that are on those forums on that site.. this is SWEET. :]]] :smoke:

    click the picture to make it bigger,

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  2. ..I think i'm missing something here?
  3. that site is stupid, honestly wtf is the point
  4. ad clicks and a decent monthly income thatll offset the cost of the site owners bud cost i assume
  5. Who the fuck cares about the site?

    This girl is beautiful.
  6. OP: Can I have your number, cause I seemed to have lost mine.
  7. honestly lol fuck the haters
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    Is that a gravity bong you're using?

    P.S: You're hot.
  9. While she is hot and all.... I cannot stand attention whores.
  10. I dont mind them, because there always crying out to me! :cool:(<<--- those are stunna shades) damn im so real!
  11. hahhaha! i like that.
  12. yupp, its a gravity bong.
  13. watch who your calling an attention whore.

  14. Why...? Am I breaking the rules? I mean you may not be, but this thread was about you and made by you. Your a very beautiful girl if I liked your personality I'd def chase you and of course the fact that you smoke doubles it. But was this thread not made to get attention?
  15. Can someone not be excited that they were featured on a website?
  16. no not at all i was bored and just felt like posting it up.. something to post up just thought it was chill.
    why would i want attention?? idrc.
  17. Its all kool with me im not trying to rag on her I was simply stating my opinion as was everyone else. It's just even when I use to play X-Box Live guys automatically drool over some attention craved girl, and of course when I would say "Your probably some fat B" they dont like the fact that im not giving them the attention they want. When I say attention whore I never really mean the whore part unless your the drunk at the club dancing on stage. But even than its my preference in a female and to each his own. Congrats on the title they gave you & your sis :yay:. Are the two of you twins? Looks like the same chick to me...
  18. Don't ask me alot of girls want attention and some of them are the most beautiful I have seen. Then they go dress all slutty to get attention which completely kills it for me. And if you chicks care to answer this mystery please do... Why do girls usually dat D-bags? Im pretty sure I get how their attracted to them which itself is beyond my belief. But why do they stay with him even though he cheats and when they finally do break up its on to the next Polo RL, Ed Hardy D-Bag?
  19. Pretty much, it's confidence. It's unfortunate but the douches have the most confidence, since their douches lol, and confidence attracts girls.

  20. Yea I knew why they get the intial attraction which is what you said or at least we think. I wonder why they go after another douche just like him and why they stay with them even if they cheat on the chick? Some say its the chase and all :confused: why would you wanna be with someone that makes you change who you are and the way you act? Why be with somone that is making you chase them? I know if im diggin a chick im not gonna lie and play childish games to make her want me, she either does or doesnt. I guess thats why I stay single though.

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