idk about you, but i find this sweeeeeeet.

Discussion in 'General' started by SativaLovee, Oct 15, 2009.

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    This site is about spreading good vibes and good word about the herb,theres no reason to be a dick to someone,an put someone down,and defiantly for no reason at that.thats deffintly not cool.

    her post was very reasonable, didn't sound like she was craving attention at all,was just sharing something with grass city,theres no reason to be a dick about it.
  2. Yeah, it's totally not what this place is about. There's no reason to be all rude and dickish to the lady who started this topic.

    If ya'll keep being dickish, you might scare off other pretty stoners, and that's not a good thing.
  3. ooo i love after the fact discussions

    yea man, i can't believe people are so rude on the internet sometimes. i never expected this, at all. :(

  4. So, yeah, I'm not saying it's unexpected, I'm saying it's unnecessary.
  5. idk what's going on in the rest of this garbage thread but girls who toke are straight in my book.

  6. Well personally I think half of you are pre 18 yr old people who have never experienced vagina and will stick up for any girl on the net in hopes of receiveing a free nude pic. It's a girl half decent on a website about blowing smoke shots online..why is this a 3 page thread? Definitely not trying to hate but seriously why the uproar? So many more important thing out there..!

  7. your sarcasm is amusing,im not trying to be an asshole,its just good vibes is what gives this site its thing,without it i would not come here anymore,an so would a lot of other people.
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    I'm not trying to be sarcastic. I'm serious. I really think that calling someone attention whores and trolls because they're sharing a picture of themselves is rude and is not part of the welcoming, peaceful vibes we want here.
  9. 1st off congrats to you ladies! :hello:

    2nd off: seriously i dont know why these dumb breezys date the stupid loser "over confident" guys!! i sometimes just dont get it. its almost like they *liked* being treated bad by their bf! i hate overly confident guys YUCK!! make me laugh n smile and im happy!
  10. Okay I started this thread because I wanted to share with grasscity. If you dont like this thread then why are you posting things up on it?!

    Atleast half the people on here understand the meaning of respect and are nice and congratulate people for something they are happy about.
    And yeah real smooth calling us a troll..

    I want to start a new thread and post up random funny ass pictures since this is the General thread and you can post up anything you want.

    some good funny sites to get f'd up but hilariousss pictures on are and ,
    so while all you haters keep hating on my thread.. im going to enjoy my fine herb i have and enjoy some humor online.
  11. Im use to it :\ , idk what it is .. maybe i just have bad luck or something but whenever i try to share with gc or post up my opinion, so many rude comments are thrown at me. so im use to all this hate on my thread right now.

    i just think its cool that my sister and I are on there together haha.
  12. I am the one with the gray shirt, and my sister is ofcourse the other one. haha
  13. yo, roach...dont even start listenin to these fools.
    if you wanna hate, hate on your own time. we just wanted to share this cause we think its sweeeet as fuck tht we both got it together.
    and thanks to all you people who re congratulating us and leaving some nice and respectful comments.
    and to me and my sister were beautiful no matter what anyone thinks. i love my sis and to all you haters go hate somewhere else.
  14. we should jam
  15. lets jam
  16. oh shit, internet sex! Im down...*grabs popcorn and has a seat over there*
  17. HAHAHAHA! too bad its really not going to happen.
  18. Hrmmm this is all very intriguing. Wanna get naked and see what fits where? For scientific purposes of course.
  19. i dont understand the fixation with chick stoners
    like miss high times
    it shouldnt be about the hot stoner chick
    i wanna see a chick milk and clear like a 3 foot bong or some shit
    not just be hot and know how to smoke a j
  20. i think more girls should post high end glass and have milkshot pics/vids.

    maybe in a couple days ill post some up.

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