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  1. Why must we talk about what I'm doing? I'm asking a damn question. If what I intend for the future is fallacious it will play out that way and I'm sure you'll notice it in all your wisdom.

    You just don't like me, so you don't want to play. I get it. Sorry for whatever caused it. :confused:
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    I wouldn't disagree with on that for the sole fact that its a tool used to grasp the reality of this plane if we're going there and back yet its something that holds us back from our inevitable evolution. I guess I wanna see that point in humanity before I die. You swear by Kant too much bro thats kinda dangerous because you'll see him as never being wrong. Find some other philosophers that contradict Karl I'll help you out with that

  3. Oscar worthy but no cookie :rolleyes:

  4. Generally, the idea is that if you think you can contradict Kant, you've misunderstood what he's saying. There are lots of people who argue against him, and who don't like him, but they have to do it within his framework. I don't swear by him, I'm just saying w/ idealism he's hard to get around.

  5. I knew that was poor choice wording. Not necessary contradict but have another understanding of the concept which is being spoken. All I've seen you do is quote Kant on these boards however it was quick of me to come to that judgment. Seen what you saying bro

  6. Absolutely nothing.

    I think he's just intimidated or something.

    You've made no attacks, you just asked a question. Why else would he over react?? Maybe he's butt hurt from another thread??

  7. Ya. The only message I get from Scribes' post is that its bad to ask questions. I guess he wont give us the time of day [​IMG]
  8. It's the picture. It's got to be the picture. The fish... it's poisonous.

    But, a delicacy if you know how to cook it.
  9. IDEOLOGY in pictures.

    These guys have an ideology.



    These guys are the North Korean Army dudes. They have an ideology. And their ideology says they should nuke the hell out of anyone who threatens their ideology. And do you know what their ideology is?


    Surviving is basic. Everyone is doing it. But they want to OUT survive everyone. Be the last one standing.


    And then there are these guys...


    The South Korean Army dudes... shoveling the snow off the road...

    THEY have ideology too. EXACTLY the opposite of the guys in the North.

    Two ideologies. Facing off.

    In between,

    The DMZ.



    This is what the difference in ideology LOOKS LIKE.
  10. Exactly. You're like some old wise hermit who's plays it off as being kooky. Thought in conflict resolves in ideology. Your example. Oh these guys are evil so I'm gonna combat them. Oh these guys are good I'm gonna combat them. Oh these guys are evil I'm gonna combat them. Oh these guys are good I'm gonna combat them. Oh these guys are neutral I'm gonna combat them. Which is the point of my thread. There is no "them" there is "us."

    I'm only good at making mango salsa snapper I can't seem to get the poison out of the puffer fish but I hear its a delicassen I mean people in Japan literally risk their lives trying to eat that. That has to be some tasty ass fish man
  11. It is very tasty... and very expensive too.

    I used to hear news back in the old days... about a group of people dropping dead over a dinner table because they cooked the fish wrong... but these days it's quite safe to eat that fish.

  12. Indeed but their abundance kinda takes the fun out of fishing hell it takes the hell out of spearing you don't even have to be a Tom Hanks in Castaway you just have to stick the spear in the water and the suicidal fish fight each other to get stabbed like a sperm in the amazing race. They even got cloned fish now man yuck that shit is disgusted fucking soulless fish. EVIL!!!!!!

    Click the smokey man [ame=""]:smoke:[/ame]
  13. The fish may be abundant, but the cooks are not...

  14. Nah there are an abudance of cooks they just day dream underwater....might be under the influence of their God Aquarius or something
  15. LoL...

    Big fan of square pants, aren't you?
  16. Haha only when they fit
  17. The only way to make everything natural and to allow things to be, is if the government went postal and killed %80 of the population, took out all unneeded industries, and instituted a fair natural communist/democratic government, less people around, more wealth for everyone. Then things would be simpler less confusing and less depressing. And such a small population, with a government that probably would work, there probably wouldn't be any need for brainwashing, propaganda, deception, and injustice. The government wouldn't need to covet anything or run covert operations, because everything would be handled.

  18. How does a government even have power in the first place Ras al-ghoul?
  19. That's a fair question: what is your point? It is almost as if you expect those who will wonder about this can create a more coherent point than the evident one.

    I have to admit, though you probably didn't mean it, being the persona I am this feels somewhat personal.

    Here is what I want you to know: I know we don't agree. I am trying to understand the middle ground. You just refuse to talk with me, so I cannot clarify your thinking. This is exactly what I don't want.

    As long as you consider me a fraud, all I want from you is the freedom to explore the accusation.
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    Oh get over yourself. The only middle ground with you is a construction of your thought self-made not an actual middleground. Middleground for you is someone agreeing with whether or not the fact is right but in your eyes its its always gonna be right just because it came out of your mouth and more importantly because you said so. There is no middleground with you just slyness behind questioning in trying to get people to justify your thinking instead of searching for the fact and truth and you don't need to know my thinking because this is what enables you. Controlled environment you absolutely have to know what people are thinking so you can word your questions according to their desires but you don't realize how irrelevant that is. That is what you call a variable, its not set but it exists. You cannot know everything at once thats like looking at a picture without it moving no motion nothing stagnant mindset no growth and old. So I choose not to play these games with you but if you want to play with the big boys your more than welcome to come aboard that is if you prove yourselves worthy

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