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  1. The scourge of the earth. The cap which humankind must past to reach a new stage of evolution. The gate master per se. Why do we have this sick reliance of ideology? Trapped so long under its grasp we've been infected with Stockholm syndrome and now love the scourge. The reason why religion exists. The reason why people call people who are religious dumb. Why college papers demand APA format. Why do we have to jump through these hoops and obstacles just to attain a certain oneness? Why have we been deceived to think that these sieves are necessary? Essential for progress and growth fearing any sort of creativity deviating form the essence of the ideology? Why is it that when nothing bothers a man he feels the need to feign irritation to fit in? Ideology has been a coping tool for man kind has it not? A teat to suckle? Why is it that I only ask questions instead of presenting facts? Are these questions annoying? Why? We follow this trends of pattern following remasked by time without a second thought yet its ok and anything that goes against the ideology is considered the anomaly? Why isn't the ideology on an earthly scale an ideology? Is ideology necessary or needed for humankind? Explain
  2. Similar to what I said here, ideology is needed to understand the purpose of what you do. I mean your ideology could be that of simple survival basics. Get food, get drink, get shelter, get a place to piss and shit, and get a place to sleep. Simple ideology. Some people take it to next levels, maybe the intent is good, as to help society, but sometimes it turns out bad. And sometimes peoples ideology is just to be plain wrong and destructive. Ideology seems to be another function in the mind, it could be part of the ego, it could be used just so you can get shit done.

  3. that isn't ideology thats realism bro
  4. I think it's Kant's fault.

  5. lolz never heard of Kant but philosophers definitely have a hand in it

  6. Idealism has been around before it was ever called idealism bro. Why women and young girls are circumsized or get so-called tramp stamps are all one in the same. Shit has been happening for years, why two coins were placed on the eyes of the dead. Idealism is pre-Kant man like can't man who can't throw down on a bowl but always smoking weed
  7. Do you have an ideology?
  8. My ideology says an answer to that question is irrelevant to the discussion :cool:
  9. Do you think you haven't answered the question? :smoke:

    Since you have an ideology, are you saying it is everyone else's ideology that is the scourge of the earth?
  10. Wow take my sarcasm as a way to prove your misconstrued point ok nice. Danm there's no thumbs up smiley I guess this will have to do :yay:
  11. Alright then, here's the Choose Your Own Adventure approach. Please don't make me do this every time I ask you questions.

    If you have no ideology, are you sure about that?

    If you have ideology, are you saying it is the rest of us whose ideology is the scourge of the earth?
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    Why do you always wanna ruin my threads? Do you need a hug? Seriously this is EXACTLY why this thread exists because of people like you who have this fucked up perception about how the world should work and how they should act instead of just being natural and letting everything be. Why is that so hard to understand I mean what is really hard to understand about that? Answer that question and I'll answer yours if you really seek an answer or if thats just another way or checkpoint like freaking sonic 2 to validate and justify your existence. Jesus Yesu Christo
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    All I did was ask a damn question.

    Really? One question and your thread unravels?
  14. Its like you glorify yourself in being a dipwad man. How is that even gratifying to you?
  15. I think everyone is an idealist, some just don't recognize it. Kant put it best.
  16. what did i do wrong?
  17. You threw the problem of self reference at him. Some might see that as using something that's a product of language as a means to (fallaciously) debunk an idea or theory.

    I'm not sure if I'm one of them, but I don't think so.
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    That's exactly what he's doing don't be fooled by his pixie ploy (You know little pixies who play games with people just for the fuck of it because they're pixies? English children stories anyone?) Some questions have merit and others just fill up a hot air balloon without an owner floating away in the sky. Look at it go....

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