Identifying Quality And Healthy Waxes For Vape Pens

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  1. I'm new to grasscity and found a majority of the wax/concentrate topics here so forgive me if I'm posting in the wrong area.
    I need help identifying quality waxes for vape pens. I currently use a vaped glass globe on top of an e-go c battery. I've vaped a few different kinds of waxes/oils; I'm currently vaping a dark brown taffy-like oil that produces a cloudy vapor but stains my glass to a yellow color. This is when I decided to seek help. Is it normal for the vapor to stain glass? I've read that you can't tell the quality by color but by the way it vaporizes and how it tastes. So far I don't like the taste of what I'm currently vaping and I've seen it bubble/sizzle a little as it vaporizes. I feel like I wasted money on something that could be bad for my health.
    As for quality waxes or budders I've had green and brown colored waxes and don't remember seeing them bubble or sizzle in my vape pen. I can't remember the taste but some were kind of crumbly in consistency but still sticky. I would often roll them up into little "dab balls" that I would just drop into my vape. Could I assume those were of good quality? I've read that the more stable or harder consistency full melts are of good quality and have less harmful chemicals.
    Any help with this would be appreciated and sorry for lack of pics.

  2. What i've heard id that you want stuff that is closer to blonde color.  I've heard that blonde color wax is usually cleaner (less butane).  Also, i read somewhere that the dryer, crumble wax is usually cleaner and has been purged better.  Not sure if this is 100% true, just sharing what I have heard.
    The clinic I get it from has always had crumble style light brown wax so that's what I have been getting and it works so far.  It's a little harder to load into certain atomizers because it's not as gooey and oily as other waxes, but it works as long as I get it into the ceramic bowl, it will eventually melt down and coat the coil.
    Hope this helps.
    If you hear any other good information, please let me know.
  3. Color has nothing to do with residual solvents. Color isnt always a good indicator of quality anyway. I've had plenty of dark oils that tasted amazing.
    I would watch out with wax/budders, its harder to see any impurities and things that might be in the oil. I prefer it to be traslucent, either shatter or sap.
    And that stuff building up on your glass is normal, its called reclaim. Its just heated oil vapor that has recondensed back to oil. you can collect it with heat or iso or just trash it. I personally keep mine, way too many uses to just toss out.
  4. looking into buying a pen asap.
    prolly dabotg since hightimes recommended...not sure if thats a good thing? Plus its only $50! Im worried tho, my supplier is not consistent with his Just got crumble this week for first time ever. So, are these pens (for the most part) pretty much limited to thicker waxes? like that molasses thick type stuff as opposed to runny stuff or crumble type?
  5. I say the best wax for chambers is the stuff you can load with your fingers. I hate to carry around a wax tool for my pen. I just want to drop it in and go. Dry crumbly wax makes it easy to load in the car as well.
    never owned one, and just been dabbing under a year so sorry if stupid question.
    Will crumble stay in the bowl? Pretty much sounds like as longs as its no uber liquidy waxes i should be allright?
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    Yea. I haven't used globes for pens so I am not sure if you can load it with crumble than put it in your pocket. I Just carry a gram container of wax with me and load up with that. I have a heating chamber that is like a oven on my pen so If its full & tacky than it'll hit good. I think globes work the same way oil rigs do minus the torch.
    The liquid goo probably would not travel well in a globe either. If it gets warm it may leak out and waste the hit. I would have to try one to find out.
  8. simple. If you are vaping dry herb and it turns to ash, its not vaping. If the dry herb changes color and you have to clear it out, it vaporizing. 
    So many vapes are a scam and are not doing what you think they are.
  9. As mentioned, translucent shatter or sap is safest. That is not to say that all butter/wax is crap. 
    Little tip: get a dabs worth of your erl and put it on a piece of foil, and heat it until it sizzles and smokes away. If ANY sort of black buildup is left behind, that same black buildup will accumulate on your pens coil and ruin it. 

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