Identifying a German Roor

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  1. Sup_

    I'm a newb when it comes to Roors, so I'm fishing for some information regarding the .de

    Is it true that if it has a green label its American?

    Hopefully someone can clear things up :smoking:

    And if I posted in the wrong forum, my bad... didn't know which forum I should put this in...

    Good day!
  2. Label color generally doesn't make a difference. There a lot of factors you need to take into consideration when purchasing from i.e. a local head shop. Here's a link to another post from a month back that might help.
  3. Sup_

    I've read that post. I'm mainly trying to get educated on identifying a german made tube and what the differences are between an american made roor.

    More information wouldn't hurt, though :hello::smoking:

    Good day!
  4. It's pretty hard to identify a .de over a .us, unless it is color coded for thickness like the rest of the .de. Check edit for pretty much all the colors that .de's come in, besides customs. tubes aren't color coded like .de, so you could easily find a green or red label, 3.2mm tube.
  5. One of the main things is style. i.e. RooЯ.us collaborate with US blowers and RooЯ.de with theres. For instance, i have never seen crown tubes other than from Germany. Some people also said that originally RooЯ.us glass wasn't "as" strong/clean as .de as of Signatures, i am not 100% clear on. From what I understand, each artist has there own and put it generally where ever. left/right/above joint
  6. my roor from EDIT says made in germany on the bottom
  7. do all of the german tubes have that stamp?

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