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identify this strain for me :)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by randall cash, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. [​IMG]

    Smells super lemony, weird refreshing taste and stronggggg exhale

    keen to find out what the fuck it is though haha

    pictured is 1 & 3/4oz

    any help appreciated!

  2. honestly i cant say. but it does look a lot like strawberry cough. if its a bit harsh and almost pure sativa, then my guess is strawberry cough. but theres no 100% right answer here, especially over the internet
  3. sweet man, thanks! i've had strawberry diesel before and something about the smell is similar, this is less potent though. it doesn't taste anything like strawberries though. i can see this thread becoming a questionnaire where i continually hit cones to answer peoples questions and just wind up really really blazed. haha.
  4. Strawberry Poopfruit

  5. ive honestly noticed that strawberry cough isnt actually all that potent, and it tastes really earthy and bitter hahaha
  6. looks like sweet island skunk as well man, you cant be sure unless you ask the grower
  7. sometimes I think people are trying to piss us off with all these threads asking us to identify the strain by a picture.
  8. picture + written description really best i can do here man O_O
  9. Looks like my tangerine dream; is it distinctly lemon, or citrusy? Probably a haze x something.
  10. now that you mention it, general citrus is a much better description haha. gonna smoke a tonne tonight, i'll post up a high report to accompany some pictures tomoz ^_^ happy smokes yo
  11. #11 KinkySwitch, Mar 24, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 24, 2012
    Instead of posting a pic of all that weed and asking us to tell you what it is, just send us some to sample it, then we can definitely tell you what it is.
  12. Impossible to tell from just a 480p pictures. Even Dr.Greenthumb can't do it.
  13. Cannabis sativa, I think.
  14. looks like an outdoor grow thats all I can say... is the smoke harsh?
  15. you say its lemon-like...would you say the smell is more lemom-ish or more zesty-like...What I'm asking is when you take a huge breathe of it though your nose does it remind you of sniffing a lemon peel....or orange know that zesty taste/smell if so and you are within three states of GA or OH...then its most likely Love Potion or Lemon G...pretty common in those areas.
  16. really leafy mids
  17. looks like cannabis to me. WE CAN'T TELL BY A PICTURE.
  18. you sir have your self a rare strain called premature weed :p dont take offence it happens sometimes
  19. cant tell by pictures. several strains have the same characteristics as the ones you listed.

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