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Discussion in 'General' started by moodynblue, May 22, 2010.

  1. Hi everybody , im new today and have had a look around..i guess this is as good a place to ask for help with something.
    Im from the United Kingdom and live/work in the USA on the east coast.Im not very fashion wise with what the younger people wear these days and i had an email from my niece with a picture of this hat.


    Ive scoured Ebay thinking i could ID the logo which in turn points me to where to get one.I dont see anything remotely like it,my niece thinks it might be Ed Hardy but ive searched Ed Hardy web sites and this doesnt look like anything thats there.My nieces friends returning from vacation have these and id like to get her one to mail sooner than later.

    Can anyone please help to identify who makes this hat ? Thank you :wave:
  2. volcom stone
  3. Aw , thank you , thank you very much.I googled it and im on the right track , youve just made me a very happy chap and there will be one very happy wee Scottish lassie this summer , your a star man:)
  4. sure thing dude (or dudette). enjoy!
  5. Rep added , thanks , im off to buy her one now.Im a dude by the way , this is what uncles are for.
  6. they don't have volcom in the UK????
  7. I think they do, but not in the usual high street shops. Independent shops would sell it.
  8. dude, is britain like really different from the US? I'm a total small town girl...

  9. I hear they have funny accents and drink a lot of tea. ;)
  10. Check skateshops.
  11. Where do you acquire your sources?

  12. I heard it from some guy on the corner with a funny accent and bad teeth.


    I'm only kidding, please don't take offense, UK-ers. :p
  13. Yes , im pretty sure they do , read between the lines man , im her uncle and she is only a young'un = i get to pay for the hat.

    No , its not that different at all.In fact where i am reminds me of home in many ways.

    Thanks everybody for the help and comments , i cant find the pinstripe one in the pic anywhere so ill keep looking , a big thanks to HeyHey for pointing me in the right direction.

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