Identify Deficiency Please!

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  1. Weird brown splotch appeared. Not sure whats caused it. Only this plant.
  2. Must have not uploaded. Sec
    PH is relatively fine, Im using ph drops so its above 5 but under 6, I try to keep it yellow which is a range closer to 5.5
    Like 2-3days ago it burshed up against the hor ceramic of a bulb. I dont know why it would spread to a 2nd leaf tho id it was aburn

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  3. What medium are you growing in?
    What lights are you using?
    What nutes are you using?

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  4. Coco/Pearlite
    5xLED bulbs 75 equiv/2x 2700k
    GH Mico Grow Bloom, CalMag,ProTekt
    The Stems are slightly purple too, maybe Phos. deficiency? I found a smaller spot on a 2nd plant that also has purple stemmig
  5. Fix purple stems with calmag/Epsom salts unless it's from low temps/fluctuations?

    I'm assuming you're feeding with nutes every day being a coco grow? I'd say slight nute burn. Dial it back a notch and keep an eye on new growth for indicators.

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