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  1. So ive recently started growing again after taking a break for maybe two years..
    ive only planted 4 seeds at the moment but i would like to have alot of weed at the end of it..
    can anyone recommend a high yielding plant?
    just so ye guys know im workin in kind of a small area my closet is only maybe 3 foot by 4 foot in area
    shud i get a bigger one?
    also im currently using a 250watt cfl is that big enough for a decent amount of plants?
  2. I wouldnt do more then 4 plants under 250 watts of HPS. Even then its stretching the wattage a bit. The seeds you have arent feminized right? I think you should just grow 4 plants at a time and switch to flowering when the plants are only 1.5-2 feet so by the time they stretch the plants wont be choking each other out too badly. A few CFLs for side lighting down the road would be good too :)
  3. Check out a DIY on a 5 gal DWC system.

    Given your amount of space and light, I would grow 1 lemon skunk plant in the 5 gallon hydro setup. With 250 watts you could grow 4 in soil and get a bunch of small buds but if you want big, dense buds, go with the single lemon skunk.
    Lemon skunk is easy to grow and you will definitely be happy with the yield in a 5 gal bucket.
  4. so u dont think 250w is enough for 4 plants even if it is cfl?
    its just that i cant use hps as i am growing in a closet due to privacy concerns
    i do have a 225 led set up although it seems a lil dull to actually have any effect
    would soil mix make much difference to yield?
    lemon skunk is a high yield plant is it?
    what kind of weight are u talking about gettin off it at the end of a very good grow?
  5. A buddy of mine not long ago got a good ounce and a half from a Ghs lemonskunk, that was grown under a 250w hps {mh for veg} along with another 2 plants of which he got roughly the same yeild.

    Im basically hoping to replicate what he done right now except different strains ofc.
  6. 250 watts of CFLs is really nothing I hate to say, at least when it comes to flowering. I would not grow more than 2 plants under CFLs. I would look up some LST guides, find yourself about a 5-7 gallon pot, and LST a plant and veg it for about 6 weeks and then flower it. It's your best bet at pulling decent yields with CFLs.
  7. if i gave extra nutes or whatever could i make up for only having 250w of cfl?
    is there anything i could do basically to make up for this?
    also i cant really fit more than one bulb into the closet and again hps isnt really an option due to heat or does anyone know how to counteract this within a small space such as within my closet
  8. Like I said, check out LST, and what it means. It's really an easy concept, and when done right can increase yields dramatically.

    You are really going to want to invest in some seeds probably though, to make sure you are at least getting females.
  9. yeah the seeds im using at the moment are feminised i think im gonna do LST because i wanna get a nice big yield from my girls[​IMG]
    aside from LST is there anything i could try?
  10. take clones off of a girl thats flowering and toss it back into veg. stalks should grow everywhere and you will get a big(ger) plant. i think its called monstercropping, but im not sure
  11. Try the SCROG method, will likely increase yield dramatically.
  12. which would be better tho scrog or LST?
    both methods seems that they would increase my yield an awful lot
    but i cant decide between them

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