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Ideas for beachweek?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dennistehking, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. Well im goin 2 beach week in about a week and a half to myrtle beach and i just wanted to hear some good ideas from people that had went(i went once in 10th grade) and any good ideas yall had. last time i smoked blunts on the beach at night. but i was jus wonderin if yall did anything special?
  2. ^ good idea
  3. Damn you in the carolina's too man? My bro went last year and killed an ounce of some heads with a vaporizer over a few days, other than that, smoke till you choke!
  4. I live in Sc... Been to myrtle beach before, but that was when I didn't toke. Smoking on the beach sounds nice, I've got to try it soon.
  5. I am at Myrtle like all summer dude, I love the beach, but myrtle is mad Ghetto its fun. Make sure you check out the 420 store, yea thats the name it has a huge ass sign out front that just says 4:20(ask for the huge dildo). Let me know if you need the hotspots(Club Kryptonite) or the local surfing territory. Blaze the dayz away.:smoking: JOE>

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