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Ideals and theories to a better world (to benefit the younger generation)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Manomir, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Hey guys I'm a young smoker I'm still in school and I'm a bit of an outcast, which results in me having to go on my instincts when constructing bongs an pipes. Due to where I live I can't openly smoke an can often find myself in a cop car with in secs of even hitting a filterless cigerette. I'm doing all that I can to show the vast possibilitys marijuana Has to the state government an am trying to convince one city Mayer into not being so strict about it. Due to being in a small town steriotypes are everywhere so I am one of the few in my town to smoke (hence the outcast phrase) so I decided to make this post to hopefully shine some light an hope on my ordeal. The only thing u really need to do is share your ideas an schemes on convincing a small city into pro marijuana opinions and I enjoy extraordinary ideas an theorys and things of that nature so feel free to express your mind on all things counter culture and marijuana an anything is acceptable an if we put things together we might be able to over come the steriotypical and prejudice veiws placed on us an make this world better for future generations...
  2. Yet another "starter post"
    It's fine and all and I like your ideas but eh. something about your post makes me think "ugh"

    And also, I find it funny when people call themselves "outcasts" especially when talking about marijuana. It just makes you sound like "ohhh I'm better than you are" and the whole "small town" factor. Anyways, I am going to +rep you for a cool first post.
  3. Hemp.

    Since getting high wont show anything buy lots of hemp products. Have a full hemp wardrobe and have a diet of pure hemp. Learn all you can about cannabis. The more you know and the more educated you seem without seeming like on of those haight ashbury hippies, the more they may come to your side.

    Im guessing you live in a small town so I doubt you can change much but its worth a shot. Hemp is legal so theres nothing they can do about it. Though it will shine a spotlight on you as a stoner even if you stop smoking
  4. have people read

    Marijuana Myths, Marijuana Facts by Lynn zimmerman and john morgan, it is a book debunking the nasty myths that plague marijuana, and it was written by two doctors so when you someone pulls the typical "all books like this are just written by stoners" tell em the professions of the authors that'll shut em up.

  5. it seems that not too long ago you had your 'starter post', so don't be hypocritical.
  6. sing a song about why everything is better with a bag of weed
  7. Thanks guys those were some good ideas specially about that book Ima have to check it out thx
  8. succeed in school,
    run for mayor,
    change weed laws

  9. lol "yet another starter post" Thats pretty funny considering 46 posts ago, you had your "starter post" That wasnt so long ago was it? Definitely something about your post makes me think "ugh".

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