Ideal Humidity Levels?

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  1. So, what would be your ideal humidity levels throughout a plants life?

    From what I've gathered it's 70+% for cloning and early veg...

    But vegging around 60%.

    Then flowering drop it to 40-50%.

    Been then I've heard anywhere from 30-60% or lower or higher at anytime works... I've never been too concerned with humidity consider results have been pleasing... but I'd like to prefect every aspect if possible...

    I'm sure it's all strain and soil dependent... but it general, if you could play God and perfectly control humidity levels throughout the plants life...

    What would you do?

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  2. Nothing unless you are cloning or late into flower.

    There is no reason to worry about humidity % unless you have adverse effects but besides wilting clones and bud rot i have never heard of any.

    Forget humidity unless you live in Death Valley, Nevada or the Rainforest
  3. Yeah I pretty much ignore my humidity except clones. I saw a thread recently people talking from experience that they were always told 40%RH during flower and have had good results experimenting with 60-70% during flower. I read once that low humidity during flower causes the plant to develop more resin on the leaves and whatnot to protect it from UV.
  4. Around 65%RH in either veg or flower will cause black mold to grow on my walls. I generally see RH between 30-50%and I'm happy with this range. Google cool mist foggers if you want to increase humidity. I grew a room full of oyster mushrooms using them and they work far better than a standard humidifier.
  5. With my current grow space I've had 60-65% RH the whole time and I'm about a week into flower, I was going to get a dehumidifier but I got an ozone generator instead - handles the odor and sterilizes the space.
  6. An ozone generator produces O3 which is harmful to humans. It also takes away odors from your final product. Significantly. Sterilization is an entirely different topic. Trust me your grow room air is not sterile.
    Ozone generators do have a place in our line of work. Primarily in exhaust ducting.
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  7. we have ozone generators?! why are we not fixing that hole?
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